The Watchers, who’s job was to keep an eye on Adam’s family soon noticed a beautiful woman named NAAMAH; daughter of  ZILLAH (LAMECH’s wife). NAAMAH’s brother was TUBAL-CAIN. The Watchers left their first abode and came down to earth  through MT. HERMON  during the days of JARED, in lure of NAAMAH’s beauty.

NAAMAH (whose name means beautiful or pleasant) was NOAH’s wife.                                    She first caught the Watcher’s attention.

Tubalcain’s sister Naamah is mentioned in the genealogical list of the Cainites in Genesis 4.
Why is Naamah mentioned?  She has no genealogical relevance; the only other women mentioned in these lists are those with genealogical relation to important descendants, whereas Naamah is mentioned (as though she was a mother of something) but with no children listed.

Now, we will recall that the Nephilim are not inheritors of the world to come, and have their names listed only to the extent they interact with Joshua, David, etc.
What if Tubalcain gave/dedicated his sister to fallen angels, in return for the knowledge of such arts as metallurgy?
And what if Naamah, as a type of “Jezebel”, or as a type of “the great harlot” found throughout scripture, begat Nephilim descendants as a result, becoming known as a “mother of witchcrafts and abominations” in the ancient world?

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