Mid Day Rest

THE MIDDAY SIESTA In Israel during the summer season the time of greatest heat is from noon to three o’ clock in the afternoon. There is cessation of most activity during that time in many parts of the land. They rest at home or wherever they may be and can find a suitable place. A laundry or shop will often be discovered to be closed during those hours. This midday time of rest was common in Old Testament days. Genesis says that Abraham “sat in the tent-door in the heat of the day” (Genesis 18:1). Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, was sleeping at midday. “Who lay on a bed at noon” (II Samuel 4:5). And when Saul entered the cave where David and his men were located, he no doubt did so in order to have his middle-of-the-day nap. “And Saul went in to cover his feet” (I Samuel 24:3).

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