All twelve tribes of Yisra’el were unified under King David

At one time, all twelve tribes of Yisra’el were unified under King David. But after David and his son Solomon died, the Kingdom of Yisra’el was divided in two. King Jeroboam ruled over the “ten northern tribes” under the House of Ephrayim and King Rehoboam ruled the “two southern tribes” of Benjamin & Judah. In 1st Kings 12 we read that King Jeroboam sent letters to Solomon’s son Rehoboam admonishing him to lighten the tax burdens of the people. Solomon had taxed the people of Yisra’el heavily in order to fund his building projects for the pagan temples that he built for his heathen wives. King Jeroboam gave an ultimatum to King Rehoboam stating that the people of Yisra’el would serve him if he would only lighten their taxes. But King Rehoboam refused to lighten their taxes and instead promised to raise their taxes making their burdens even heavier. This is when the two kingdoms of Yisra’el split and became two completely separate nations. King Jeroboam did not want the Kingdom of Yisra’el to become loyal to King Rehoboam in Judah, so he forbade them to go to Jerusalem three times per year to keep the pilgrimage feasts commanded in the Torah (Deuteronomy 16:16). Instead, King Jeroboam invented pagan holidays in the 8th month of the year (against the Torah) and he set up golden calves for the people to worship at Dan and at Mount Ephrayim (1st Kings 12:25-33).

This is what caused YaHuWaH to become angry with the other ten tribes and ultimately he “divorced” them and called them “Loammi” which means “you are not my people.” (Hosea 1:9-10). YaHuWaH finally wrote them a divorce certificate and sent them away to the nations of the earth (Jeremiah 3:8). The entire reason for this was their worship of pagan deities through their false pagan holidays patterned after Ba’al worship. Today, Christianity keeps the same pagan holidays under different names but they have the same origins from Babylon. They are now re-named as: “Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day” etc.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah continued to honor the Feasts of YaHuWaH and his Sabbaths (which are central to keeping the marriage covenant), and this is why YaHuWaH did not divorce Judah (the Jewish people). The House of Judah were given a special mandate to “hold the scepter” (authority) over the other ten tribes (Genesis 49:10). They were supposed to preach the good news of salvation to the other tribes and bring them back into covenant relationship with the Father, but instead they became “elitists” who did not want to share the covenant with the other “ten lost tribes.” The House of Judah became very “exclusive” as they created “extra” rules and regulations that were not scriptural making it more difficult for the other lost tribes to return back into the covenant. The other lost tribes deemed these “Jewish Laws” as being “too strict” and so it discouraged them from wanting to return back to the covenant with YaHuWaH.

It is precisely for this reason that our Messiah declared that he had come for “the lost sheep of the House of Yisra’el” (Matthew 15:24).

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