The Menorah and the Solfeggio Scale

The Menorah and the Solfeggio Scale

The Solfeggio Scale is as follows, the numbers break down into 396 pattern.
1: Ut=396=9
2. Re=417=3
3. Mi=528=6
4. Fa=639=0
5. Sol=741=3
6. La=852=6


Identity – You are the Tabernacle of God by John Saba pg 54

Day 1 of creation corresponds to day 4.  Day 2 corresponds to day 5.  Day 3 corresponds to day 6.  The Light of the 1st day connects with the light of the sun on day 4.  The fish in the 5th day and the water of the 2nd day connect.  Man in the 6th day connects with the earth/dust from whence he came.  Using this pattern Mr. Saba found that the menorah shows the original Solfeggio scale Solfeggio Scale .

Left to right
174, 285, 396
Right to left
417, 528, 639
Bottom to right to left
741, 852, 963

Here we see a connection, via the Menorah (a picture of the body of Messiah), between light and sound.  The 7 branches of the Menorah correspond to the 7 notes in the musical scale and the 7 colors in the color spectrum and the 7 wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Music & Color  (Sound & Light)

E.W. Bullinger – Number in Scripture pg 18

“One more step brings us to colour, which is caused by the vibrations of light, as sound is caused by the vibrations of air. There is a relation between the two, so that a particular colour corresponds to a particular note in music.

Hence there are seven colours answering to the seven musical sounds, and it is found that sounds which harmonize, correspond with colours that harmonize. While discords in colour correspond with discords in music.

The seven, both in music and colour, are divided into three and four. Three primary colours and four secondary, from which all others proceed, answer to the three primary sounds called the Tri-chord, or common chord, and four secondary.

The subject is too abstruse to enlarge further upon here. Sufficient has been said to show that in the works of God all is perfect harmony, order and symmetry, both in number and design; and one corresponds with the other in a real and wonderful manner.”

12 musical notes

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