The word ‘president’ comes from the Latin word ‘praesidentum’ which means to ‘act as head or chief.’  As seen in the previous tidbitclick here, the human head consists of 22 bones corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, the Word.  The role of the President of the United States, the ‘head’ of the nation is to ‘execute’ the precepts in the Constitution, the law or ‘Word.’  To preserve and defend this document.  Presidents swear an oath of office to do this very thing, while holding their hands on a Bible.

The wording is specified in Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The English word constitution traces back to the Hebrew word כנס which means to gather together.  This is what the constitution or law is designed to due, to bring unity to a people.  כנס comes from the root כן which is also the root of the word כהן ‘kohen’ which is the Hebrew word for priest.  A priest was to be a support of the community who upheld the law of the land.

The office of the President was designed by the Founder’s to be one of three branches of government (Executive branch) based upon the Holy Scriptures.

Isa 33:22  For YHWH is our judge; YHWH is our lawgiver; YHWH is our king; He will save us.

Samuel Adams described this type of government as enthroning Yahshua as the King of this country:
“We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom all alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and with a propitious eye beholds his subjects assuming that freedom of thought, and dignity of self-direction which He bestowed on them. From the rising to the setting sun, may His kingdom come.”  {John Adams speech to the Continental Congress 7/4/1776}

Patrick Henry boldly declared: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians: not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. {May 1765 Speech to the House of Burgesses}

The Founders based their concept of government on the writings of men such as John Locke

“As Men we have God for our King, and are under the Law of Reason; as Christians, we have Jesus the Messiah for our King, and are under the Law reveal’d by him in the Gospel.” {John Locke – The Reasonableness of Christianity}

The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America – Verna hall pg 28
De Witt Clinton said:
“Christianity, in its essence, its doctrines, and its forms, is republican…”

“The tendency of the true Gospel principles is to bring the most absolute despotism under the limits of law; to imbue limited monarchies more and more with the spirit of popular institutions; to prepare the people to govern themselves; and finally to establish everywhere the spirit and the reality, if not the very forms of a republic.

Let us turn once more to the republican features of the churches organized by the Apostles.  These churches had officers, which were to be regarded and observed, in their proper sphere, as much as the officers of any other republic.  But the manner of their ruling was not to be as ‘Lords over God’s heritage’; ‘Whosever will be chief among you’, said the Saviour, ‘let him be your servant.’ “

In light of this fact, it is intriguing to find that the meaning of the names of the 44 U.S. Presidents tells the story of the Holy Scriptures.

Following is the meaning of the President’s names in ‘story form.’  The words that correspond to the names of the Presidents are in bold.

In the beginning, YHWH planted a garden eastward in Eden from in the midst of which was a river.  In His grace, He put man in the garden.  Into the Garden entered a stranger (the serpent) who took  peace from the man when he brought doubt to Adam and Eve, causing the to partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of which they were commanded not to eat.  This brought man and woman into captivity to sin.  This subtildeception of the serpent brought warfare between his seed, and the seed of the woman.  In this battle, thegrace of Yah is promised to man through the Seed of the woman.  This warfare of the two seeds is early displayed in the account of Abel and Cain, who became a builder of cities.

Following these days, man multiplied upon the earth and filled the earth with violence.  Noah found grace in the eyes of Yah and was commanded to build an ark.  YHWH remembered Noah and stopped the flood waters.  Noah left the ark when the earth was dried and YHWH cut a covenant with him to never again destroy the earth with a flood.

Noah became a man of the earth and planted a vineyard and drank the wine thereof.  His son Ham saw his father’s nakedness which led to the cursing of his son Canaan and the blessing of Shem.  Canaan was cursed to be a slave while Shem was declared the ‘freeman’  of God.

70 nations came forth from the sons of Noah during which time Nimrod rose to power, ‘a mighty hunter before the Lord.‘  He was a false branch, a false messiah who led mankind astray.

The Almighty then called Abraham and promised to make him a father of a multitude, called to walk in His ways.  Through Abraham was promised Seed, the Son of Yah who would bring grace to mankind.  Isaac brought forth Jacob and Esau, whose relationship was defined by  hatred where the elder  would serve the younger.  The hatred of Esau, known as Edom, towards his brother caused Jacob to flee to Padan-Aram where he would live with Laban.  Jacob served Laban for 20 years as a shepherd in the open fields.  Labandeceived Jacob on numerous occasions as he dwelt as a foreigner in a strange land.  It was in this strange land that the 12 tribes of Israel were born.

On his way back to Canaan, Jacob wrestled with a Man where he was renamed Israel.  Called to rule with God, the Rock of Ages.  Israel/Jeshurun was to be a king/priest to the nations, dwelling in the land of Israel.  A shadow picture of Messiah, the Son of the Right Hand, who will rule all nations in the Kingdom.

After Shechem, the son of Hamor defiled Jacob’s daughter Dinah, Simeon and Levi destroyed the people of the land.  Jacob worried that the inhabitants of the land would seek to attack him because of this.  Jacob desired protection from the Most High.  Jacob then rose up to go to Bethel, where he was first given the promise of Abraham by YHWH (Genesis 28:11-22).  On the way, Jacob tells his children to cleanse their clothing and put away the strange gods from their midst. It is here that God puts fear into the hearts of the inhabitants of the land, giving Jacob his desired protection.  The helmet of salvation (1Thessalonians 5:8; Genesis 49:18),the gift of God, the Rose of Sharon, The Good shepherd who defends and guards His sheep.  The Good Shepherd fills the mouths of His sheep with good things, even in the midst of darkness and famine He protects and defends them as they travel down into Egypt, the ‘dark city.’

Israel went down into Egypt and dwelt in Goshen, which was a gift of the Most High to increase his seed in a place of ‘hardiness‘ a midst famine, a ‘baldness‘ of the land.  Here Israel dwelt in Egypt, yet was separatedfrom the people of the land as shepherds were an abomination.  Here Israel multiplied in numbers to become an army of those who were to bear the Word.  For a time, Israel was a freeman dwelling in the ‘wetlands‘ of the Nile Delta, likened unto a rose.  In time, a Pharaoh who ‘knew not Joseph’ rose to power and came tohate Israel, leading them into bondage.  YHWH heard the cries of His servant Israel and rose up a trusty man named Moses who was saved as a baby on an ark.

YHWH called Moses from the mountain of God, to deliver His beloved people from the bondage of Pharaoh, from the midst of the ‘iron furnace‘ where Israel would rejoice and sing praise to their God.  By the grace of Yah, Moses came with the rod of God and delivered Israel.  He led the vine of Israel to the promised land the ‘camp of Yah‘, as they were cleansed from the defilements of Egypt.

The people of Israel were victorious over the nations of Canaan and became rulers/priests to the nations in the land that does not lack bread.  Ruling over the nations with a ‘rod of iron.’  However, Jeshurun ‘waxed fat’ and became like unto a rebellious heifer.  Wolves entered the flock and led the people into the false worship of the Mysteries.  Israel rebelled against the Most High and desired a king.  Israel backslid and turned away from the commandments, ‘traversing on the waters‘ of Babylon.

YHWH raised up a noble warrior to be king of Jacob, named David, during whose days He brought back the ark of the covenant from the Philistines on a cart.
Solomon, the wise counselor, became king after David and reigned in peace.  However, his rebellion against the Most High caused by foreign wives led to the dividing of the kingdom of Israel.  It was the unwise counsel of Rehoboam that ultimately led to the split between the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah where Rehoboam only retained 2 tribes, thus becoming a ‘little king.’

During the days of the kings of Israel, the armies of Israel become more and more wicked, walking in the ways of the heathen until the King of Assyria was brought through the Fullers Field, leading Israel into exile.  Israel desired peace, but did not obey the voice of the Lord which brings peace.  Hence, a stranger entered their territory  and took away their peace and took them hostage to their shame.

However, even in exile, YHWH spoke through the mouth of the prophets giving Israel ‘cheerful‘ hope that if they broke up their fallow ground, He would come and rain righteousness and peace upon them.  If they would do this, He would bring shame  upon their enemies and wash them of their iniquities.

He promised send His messenger to prepare His way when He comes like a refiner’s fire and like fuller‘s soap.  The blessed one, the beautiful one would descend from the throne on High and take upon the sins of mankind to deliver them from the punishment of sin.

Here concludes the meaning of the names of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington to Barack Obama in ‘story form.’

Following is the more detailed explanation:

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the study enough to share it with others. I never ‘copyright’ my studies but in this case I have to because this is a part of an upcoming book that I am working on getting published and I don’t want any legal issues coming forth that delay the publication. Feel free to keep the study up but if you could add at the bottom that this is copyrighted by me I’d be much obliged, this way I won’t get rejected by publishers because the work is already published by other authors.

    I’m almost finished with the book and am absolutely amazed at how the Lord has guided this countries history. Not only in the name meanings but in the actual course of events.

    May His name be blessed and praised and glorified by all His creation.

    YHWH Bless,


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