Nisan: The Month of Redemption; Adar: a leap year, i.e., to add an extra month, Such a year that has 13 (lunar) months is called a “pregnant year” (שנה מעוברת), indicating a state of being from which a new reality, specifically, the next month–the month of Nisan–is born

The Jewish sages say: “In Nisan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in Nisan we will be redeemed.” The name of the month, Nisan, is cognate to the Hebrew word for “miracles” (נסים). The two letters, nun, at the beginning and end of Nisan, allude, according to our sages, to “miracles of miracles” (נסי נסים).

In the Torah, the month of Nisan is referred to as “the month of spring.” From the verse, “Guard the month of spring and make Pesach for HaShem your G-d,” the sages learn of the mitzvah to make a leap year, i.e., to add an extra month (a second month of Adar) when necessary, to ensure that the holiday of Pesach always falls in the season of spring.

The greatest miracle of the month of Nisan–the month of redemption–is that in Nisan nature itself experiences true renewal. The prophet says: “Just as in the days of your going out of Egypt, I will show you wonders” (Micah 7:15). From this we learn that the miracles of the future redemption will be “wonders” even in comparison to the miracles of the exodus from Egypt. Nissan is known as “the Month of Redemption”, because its main event is Pesach. Expect miracles!

Rosh Chodesh Nisan, also called Chodesh HaGeula (Month of Redemption),marks the Israelites exodus from Egyptian slavery. The Exodus occurred atmidnight on the 15th of Nisan.Rosh Chodesh Nisan, also called Chodesh haAviv (Month of Spring), symbolizesrenewal and restoration. It represents the beginning of the harvest season in theLand of Israel.

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