“Shav et-Shevoet Am Yisrael!” ….(“Return the Captives of Israel, My People”)

We are soon to witness

the Greatest Miracle of all Time!

– an Event which has been concealed by poor translations of Key phrases in the Bible. 

To be in captivity and exile, is a great national disaster for any nation.  The Tanach (‘Old Testament’ of the Bible) records such a national tragedy over both the Northern section of ancient Israel (the 10 Northern Tribes with its spiritual centre in Shomron, known as Samaria) and the southern kingdom (mainly 2 tribes, which became known as Judah, the Jews) – with its spiritual centre in Jerusalem – the only sector of ancient Israel which has remained identified unto this day.  We will refer to these two sectors as “10-Israel” and “Judah” (“2-Israel”) in the rest of this study.

This exile started in the 8th century BCE when the northern 10 Tribes were taken captive and deported.  Some 2 centuries later,  Judah was also exiled to Babylon when Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem.  Gradually, over the next few centuries, the 10 Tribes integrated with the other nations and disappeared as an identifiable nation, while Judah Returned to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile. After Jerusalem was conquered and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, Judah was once more exiled from the Land into the ‘Diaspora’, which would see them infiltrate, over the span of the last 2000 years, amongst every nation on earth – yet never loosing their national identity, while guarding (and certainly because of their guarding) their original Hebraic Faith and Culture.

The “Captivity” of 10-Israel, on the other hand,  entailed a period of spiritual darkness and retrogression, and their subjection to “the worshipping of strange gods”, by pagan customs, amongst the other nations.  This period of darkness’ has lasted for almost 3000 years, right up to our current time – and it has only been over the last decade or two that we have seen a mass Return to the Original True Hebraic Faith of the Bible by serious seeking Bible students, in fulfilment of the Great Prophecy which forms the theme of our study here. This exilic period of national retrogression will be exemplified in this Web Study and we will see how 10-Israel have been held captive during this exile, in their understanding of the Revelationary Hebraic Truths of the Bible, by the spurious and truth-concealing translations of unenlightened non-Hebraic translators of the Scriptures.

This period of ‘captivity’ and spiritual blindness, was prophetically defined to last for a specified period only, where after these exiles would ‘re-discover’ their Hebraic roots and ‘Return’ not only to the Faith and Customs of their forefathers, but also to the physical Land of Israel in the Middle East.  It is this ‘Return’ to the Land of Israel in the Middle East, which, according to what we see unfolding today in that volatile and explosive part of the world, will cause the igniting into a nuclear holocaust – the fearful final War of Gog and Magog (Armageddon), in the Battle for the soul of Jerusalem!  So destructive will this War be, threatening the annihilation of God’s Covenant People (the Jews, and those of 10-Israel who will have Returned to the Covenant Land), that God will physically intervene to fight on the side of Israel and destroy the nations who advance against Jerusalem (Zech. 12:9 and 14:3).  This will entail His physical “Return to Zion”, i.e. the ‘Coming of Messiah’ for the Jews,  and the “Second Advent” or Return of Messiah, according to Christian interpretation.  This Advent will feature the “Setting up of the Kingdom of YHVH” in Jerusalem in the Middle East, from where He will reign over all the nations.

The only way to totally throw off this ‘darkness’ of the exile and become enlightened to the Original True Faith, is for students of the Bible to Return to the original language that the Bible was written in – Hebrew!  This, in any event, is intrinsically part of the whole Restoration Process which is currently taking place all over the world and which is the subject of our discussion here.

Readers who are new to this concept of the Restoration,  are advised to first become acquainted with the terms and concepts on this subject, by turning to the following Notes for a brief summary and dictionary  – Northern 10 Tribes Restoration.

This Restoration of  ‘the Kingdom of David’, seems to be the Main Theme of Scripture.  The fact that it has been greatly misinterpreted throughout the ages and that it has been concealed to this time,  should not cause much apprehension or surprise amongst sincere seekers after Biblical Truth.  The two main factors that gave rise to this, are:

– The fact that the opposing powers of God’s Kingdom have set as prime objective their frantic efforts to conceal and confuse the secrets of the keys to the Kingdom

– It behoved the Eternal Most High, in His non-autocratic style, to let Truth conquer over deceit in the normal process of Time, allowing evil powers the freedom that would ultimately be suppressed by Truth and by those who earnestly seek after it!  This process followed the antitypical time setting embodied in the 7-day week, of which the 7th day is the joyous and festive Sabbath Rest.  According to this pattern, it would take 7 millennia (7 ‘days’ of 1000 years each, the 7th being the Millennial Sabbath) for this Restoration to germinate.  The blossoming of this all-embracing consummation of Truth, would obviously come at the End part of the cycle.

We in this generation are blessed to behold this amazing final culmination of the ‘Restoration of the fallen Tabernacle of David’ – the Interlude to the establishment of the Kingdom of YHVH on earth.  History has just entered this 7th or Sabbatical Millennium – and we have reached the Prophetic Time Setting   Accordingly we shall behold:

– The increasing awareness by serious Truth seeking Bible students (mainly Christian, but also Islam and non-organisational individuals) in fulfilment of the “Returning of the captivity of 10-Israel” – Shav Shevoet Am Yisrael – ending their Exile as they re-discover their “Hebraic Roots” and Return not only to the customs and religion of their forefathers (as it has been preserved by Judah, the Jews, to this day in Judaism), but also Return physically to “The Land of their forefathers” – Israel, in the currently very volatile and explosive Middle East.
– As such, the “Return of The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel” (10-Israel) will entail being  physically re-joined with Judah into ONE Restored Kingdom, according to Biblical Prophecy;
– The establishment of the Kingdom of YHVH in Jerusalem in the Middle East;

Matt. 24:13 “This Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed to the whole world as a witness to all the nations.  And then the End will come.”


Translations conceal the Truth

Let us analyse the Scriptures for revelationary light on our topic – ‘The Return of the Captivity of 10-Israel” – Shav Shevoet Am Yisrael.

Amos 9:8 b,  “‘Yet, I am not going to destroy the House of Jacob (12 tribes of Israel) completely,’  it is YHVH Who speaks, ‘For now I will issue orders and shake the House of Israel (10 tribes in exile or ‘captivity’) among all the nations (as in  retaining the refined or precious in a sifting process)… (verse 12) That day I will re-erect the fallen Tabernacle of David (‘fallen’ when the kingdom of David was split into two and one part, the 10, sent into captivity, ‘away from ‘YHVH”), restore it’s ruins and rebuild it as it was in the days of old … It is YHVH Who speaks and He will carry this out.”

The question now arises:  How and when is He going to restore “The Tabernacle of David”, the kingdom of David?

These questions are answered by the next verse in our quoted portion of Scripture.  But, it is at this point that we now come to the realisation of how Truth has been covered under the mountains of rubble of wrong and concealing translations!  We shall quote various translations of this particular text, in order to point out the vagueness transmitted by translations of this important Scripture.  We shall then consider the original Hebrew, and discover an amazing revelationary Truth.

Amos 9:14  “I mean to restore the fortunes of My People Israel” (10-Israel, as established in verse 9) – as it appears in the Jerusalem Bible and Sterns Complete Jewish Bible.  Here are a few more versions of the same text:
Rotherham:        “And I will bring back the captivity of My People Israel”.
KJV                    “And I will bring again the captivity of My People Israel”
Afrikaans            “And I will change the lot of My People Israel.”
(direct translation)
Hebrew Version  “And I will bring again the captivity of My People Israel”
New World (JW) “And I will gather back the captive ones of My People Israel”

Let us look at the original Hebrew version of this text as it appears in Torah Scrolls in synagogues across the globe:
V’Shavti                        et Shavoet           Ami Yisrael    (which is the Heading of this study).

And I shall Return     the captivity     of my nation Israel

Admittedly, this is not an easy sentence to translate, hence the variations in different translations.  In such difficult linguistic situations, the solution is to find and refer to other Scriptures where the same words or phrases are used. In comparing such usages then, especially with regard to the context in which it is used, one can reach conclusive conclusions.

The Jerusalem Bible, in a foot note to Ps. 14:7 where the same phrase is used, gives the following alternate meanings: “Return from exile, re-establishing, restoring, changing the fortune” – derived from its usage in Ps 85:1;  126:1;  Amos 9:14;  Hosea 6:11;  Jeremiah 29:14;  Ezek. 16:53; Deuteronomy 30:3.

‘Shavti’ (or the root ‘shav‘) also has the meaning of  ‘Returning’, ‘repenting’ – as in Teshuvah(Repentance).

Deut. 30:3 presents us with the revelationary solution to our subject Hebrew phrase:  “Shav et Shevoet” and its time setting.  This is the exact phrase used in the original Hebrew of this text. It is important to note the emphatic context of not only this chapter 30, but of the whole section of Scripture, from chapter 27 to 30.  This is one of the most clear and explicit sections, which in prophetic spirit, outlines the Blessings and the Curses that would befall the nation of Israel for observing or disobeying the Torah.  And then we read in the concluding chapter:

Deuteronomy 30:1  “And when all these words come true for you, the Blessing and the Curse I have set before you; if you meditate on them in your heart wherever among the nations YHVH your God drives you; if you Return to YHVH your God, if you obey His Voice with all your heart and soul in everything I enjoin on you today (i.e. the Laws, Statutes, Precepts and Commandments of YHVH),then YHVH your God will bring back your captives (‘shav et Shevoet’)He will have pity on you and gather you once again out of all the nations where YHVH your God has scattered you.  Had you wandered to the ends of the Heavens, YHVH your God will gather you even from there! He would come there to reclaim you and bring you back to the Land your fathers possessed … prospering there and increasing even more than your fathers.”

This prophesied Return is clearly a physical ‘national religious’ repatriation, a regathering of the exiles to their original Homeland and ‘statehood’ – thus requiring a masse ‘immigration’ in order to ‘bring them back to the Land their fathers possessed … to prosper there and increase even more than their fathers.”

Immigration to any country on earth requires compliance with the specific national requirements of the host country and acceptance of the laws and customs by the qualifying immigrants.  The strange thing is that when it comes to fulfilment of the Divine Intention of ‘Repatriation of the estranged exiles’ back to Israel, then those who are exposed to it (the re-identifying Hebraic Roots restorers and professing ‘Messianic Israelites’) generally refuse to adopt and become intrinsically part of Israel and its Jewish nation, culture and religion.  They want to immigrate but remain identified as non-Jews!

The common objection would be that  “immigration to a country does not require change of one’s religion or adoption of the host country’s national religion.”  Even a shallow observation of this particular repatriation exercise though, will tell us that in this case the very purpose of the repatriation has a ‘religious’ reason, more so because it is Divinely purposed by the very One Who claims to be the ‘God of Israel’.  Scripture is clear that He Who guided ancient 12-Israel to His ‘Religious System’, which was patterned on the actual Heavenly System;  He Who exiled His Own nation because they followed pagan practises – He would purpose to repatriate them from their unholy status to Return to His very Own ‘System’ – the Original True Faith as declared in the Bible.  Would that repatriation then not also include the very religion of that country – in this case Israel and its ‘Jewish’ religion?

Notwithstanding the inconsistency in various translations of the Hebrew phrase ‘Shav et Shevoet’, it is clear from the context of our reading portion in the Book of Deuteronomy, that the correct translation of this verse should be “bring back the captives” i.e. repatriation of the re-identified nationhood.

Our key Scripture for placing the time element on this ‘Return’ and for identifying the subject characters to whom it applies, is Amos 9:8 referred to above.  Let us read it again with this clear directive, given in Deut. 30, in mind.

Amos 9:8 b,  “‘Yet, I am not going to destroy the House of Jacob completely,’  it is YHVH Who speaks, ‘For now I will issue orders and shake the House of Israel among all the nations … (verse 12) That day I will re-erect the fallen Tabernacle of David (the 12-tribed House of Israel with its ‘Jewish’ religious System), restore it’s ruins and rebuild it as it was in the days of old … It is YHVH Who speaks and He will carry this out … (verse 14) And I will Return the captives (Shav et Shevoet) of My People Israel. They will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them.  I will plant them in their own country, never to be rooted up again!”

This Return clearly refers to 10-Israel – and they are still in exile at this time of writing (Sept. 2002). However, there has been a great awakening amongst serious students of the Bible in the final decade of the 6th millennium – the 90’s.  In a loosely knit, mainly unassociated movement which has become known as the Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement, millions of dedicated Bible students from all faiths have been restoring that which they have been discovering in their search after Truth.  In so doing they are taking one after the other tenet of the Jewish Faith upon themselves – the Sabbath, the ‘Jewish’ Feasts, Torah (Law) observance – in short, a Return to the Original Covenant of YHVH with Israel.  Many of them are experiencing the spiritual urge and are seeking a way of emigrating to Israel in order to assist Judah in the reclaiming of the Promised Land. There is a general preparedness to lay down their lives in the battle (which Judah currently has to face alone) – an inspired “patriotism to Zion”, a land which many of them have never even seen yet!  This spiritual urge to want to emigrate to Israel and assist Judah in reclaiming the Land, can not be anything but the fulfilment of the Prophecies of Shav et Shevoet Am Yisrael – the Turning of the Captivity of 10-Israel.

Paradoxically, most of these Torah observing Hebraic Roots Restorers still object to and discard the logical resolve of this Restoration Movement – namely, conversion to Orthodox Halachic Judaism!


Ancient Order restored

There could be no objection to the restoration in full measure to Judaism, that religion which has been maintained to this day by the remnant of the original 12-Tribed nation, when one realises that this Restoration is simply the reverse process of the split-up of the ancient 12-tribed nation into two sectors in the 8th century BCE.

Let us analyse the situation as it was, before and after the split.  This should then clearly identify the pattern which the Restoration should once again Return to:


Religious identity of the 10 Tribes Section of the nation of Israel before the split of the kingdom



  • All 12 Tribes of Israel worshipped God by the principles established and maintained by the Temple Order

  • All 12 Tribes were subjected to the Rule of the Temple Priesthood from Jerusalem

  • After the split-off of the 10 Tribes section of Israel into the Northern kingdom,  they retrogressed to paganism and was cut-off by God from the Divine Promises

  • Resultantly they were deported from Northern Israel and integrated amongst the nations of the world with the Divine Promise of ultimate Reconciliation

  • This Priesthood continued amongst the Jews, after the split of the nation into 2 sections

  • The ancient Temple System and religion was maintained, even after the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem

  • This System has been carefully maintained in Judaism throughout even 2000 years of universal exile of the 2-Tribes section, i.e. Judaism

  • This is in fulfilment of the Divine Proclamation in Genesis 49:10  “The sceptre shall not pass from Judah nor the Ruler’s staff from between his feet, until He comes to Whom obedience belongs.”

It is clear from the above, that the ‘System’ of God,  by Divine Decree (Gen. 49:10),  has never yet gone lost.  If He went to the extent of  ‘disinheriting’ part of His nation for their rejection of His System,  how much more would He require their renewed subjection to this System when He reconciles them once more?

Miracle of Miracles in the Making!

The Return of the Jews to the Land of Israel since the Second World War, has been one of the Miracles of the 20th century.  This miraculous Ingathering after 2000 years of Dispersion throughout the world, forms the main theme of the 160 page book, Jerusalem, Final Countdown to Armageddon, which is available on this Web Site for FREE in full format if you Click here.

Prophetic Scripture is clear, however, that an even greater Miracle will take place to Return 10-Israel to the land of their Hebraic forefathers.

Jeremiah 23:7 “See then, the days are coming – it is YHVH Who speaks – when people will no longer say: ‘As YHVH lives Who brought the sons of Israel out of the Land of Egypt!’  but, ‘As YHVH lives Who led back and brought home the descendants of the House of Israel out of the Land of the North and from all the countries to which He had dispersed them, to live on their own soil.’”

This Prophecy is often erroneously applied to the Ingathering of the Jews (tribe of Judah only), in that miraculous process in which modern Israel has been re-established as a Jewish State in 1948 by Jews Returning from the exile of Judah.  This process has been greatly boosted by the influx of the ‘battered and bruised’ remnants of Hitler’s Death Camps after World War 2. To these and all other Jews across the globe, the Exodus from Egypt still ranks as the most miraculous release from national bondage and suffering in history.

Our quoted Scripture defines this 2nd miraculous exodus from captivity, as applying to “the House of Israel”.  The history of Israel and the defined references in the Tanach to the 2 Sectors, confirm that “The House of Israel” refers to the northern 10 Tribes of Israel which became ‘lost’ in history. For a short and concise history of this split of ancient Israel into 2 sectors, the Northern Kingdom (10 Tribes) with capital at Shechem in Samaria (Shomron) and the Southern Kingdom (Judah) with their Capitol at Jerusalem  Click here

After this split in the Kingdom, Judah was never again referred to in the Bible as “The House of Israel”.

Please read the above paragraph from Jeremiah 23:7 again, bearing in mind that:

  • ‘sons of Israel’ refers to the 12 Tribes, and

  • ‘House of Israel’ refers to 10-tribed Israel which were deported in the 8th century BCE after which they integrated with the nations of the world and became ‘lost’ to this day.

Prophecy does not conclude with the ‘turn of the captivity of the exiled Ten Tribes’ and their Return to the Land of Israel.  Several Prophecies refer to the  re-unification of the re-identified Ten Tribes with the identified remnant of ancient 12-Israel, the Jews, to re-establish the ‘Kingdom of David’ again.  The time setting clearly is “at the End Time”

We are now standing at the point in time, when we are therefore to expect the physical Return to the Land of these re-identifying 10-Israeltes.  This, no doubt, would require that promised Divine Miracle in order to overcome the current animosity of most of re-identified 10-Israel against what they term “Rabbinic Judaism”.  From Judah’s side again, there is the great measure of distrust against this new ‘non-Jewish’ front, due to the endless centuries of persecution they had to endure from the nations amongst whom they have been dispersed over the last 2000 years.

How do these opposing two sides become moulded into ‘One’, as Prophecy so clearly declares inEzek. 37:15;   Jer. 3:14-18;  Isa. 11:10-15?

But by a Divine Miracle – as confirmed in Jeremiah 23:7,  quoted above – the “second and greater Exodus.”

We have now reached that exciting Time ordained in Prophecy! The re-identification of 10-Israel is progressing in leaps and bounds across the earth.  The result of this is a ‘Return’ of 10-Israel to the Covenant of YHVH with ancient Israel – as was the Divine Requirement for Shav Shevoet Am Yisrael to take place – The Return to the Land and the re-uniting with Judah into ONE by Divine Intervention.

This physical Return to the Land could act as an interlude to, or probably even be the actual fulfilment of the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth – an event which has been anticipated in Christian eschatology throughout the centuries, but, like many other Biblical subjects, greatly misinterpreted.  It would require the enlightened restoration of the Original Truth from the Scriptures, to shed revealing light on the true message which these Biblical Prophecies truly proclaimed.


Further confirmation of  ‘Shav et Shevoet

Continuing our cross-reference comparisons in Scripture, we find that Acts 15 gives a direct quote of Amos 9:11.

The occasion is a leadership meeting of the Messianic believers in Jerusalem. the agenda is whether non-Jewish converts to the new Jewish Messianic congregation should be expected to circumcise and observe the ‘Law of Moses’ (Acts 15:8).

This is still a raging question amongst Messianic Christians, 2000 years later!  The fact that their was already misunderstanding, even amongst those first Apostolic leaders and Messianic Jews, including ‘powerful men’ like the apostle Shaul (Paul), is clear from the reference of the Scriptures regarding this meeting, to ‘The Law of Moses’ – as if this is distinct from the Torah and only applicable to non-Messianic Jews.  Let it be understood, clearly and loudly, that there is no such thing as Christians like to believe, a different Law of Moses to the Laws of YHVH.  Moses was simply a spokesman for YHVH.  He did not present his own laws to Israel of old, he presented the Torah to them, which has its full and only origin in YHVH the Almighty Creator. Moses’ job was to write, interpret and enforce the Laws, Statutes and Precepts of YHVH which formed the underlying foundation of the “Tabernacle of David”, which was founded on the Eternal Covenant of YHVH with the nation of Israel (and any other human being who wished to accept and observe it!).

Acts 15 is clear, that already within years of the Ascension of Messiah,  there was confusion amongst Messianics as to the true basis of the Renewed Covenant which YAHU’SHUAH the Messiah came to establish in order to “re-erect the fallen Tabernacle of David”.

It is at this meeting that the apostle Yah’acov (James) refers to the ‘Restoration’ and the Shav et Shevoet proclaimed by Amos by quoting directly from Amos.  Yah’acov understood that this Prophecy from the Scroll of Amos referred to the Restoration of the Original True Faith amongst the ‘captives’ who had lost the Law of YHVH. Bear in mind, that the problem did not lie with the Jewish Messianic adherents, who continued in the Jewish Faith as even Paul did (sacrificing animal offers long after the Crucifixion of the Perfect Sacrificial Lamb, YAHU’SHUAH – Acts 21:26 and 24:17 – READ!), but with the new believers who did not observe the ‘Laws of Moses’.

This Meeting of Messianic leaders then concludes, and sends out a written message to these believers:

Acts 15:28  “For it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us, not to lay any heavier burden on you than the following requirements:

  1. That you abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols

  2. from blood

  3. from things strangled

  4. and from fornication.”

These are “good old Jewish Kosher laws – straight from Moses’ Law”!

How come modern Christians don’t adhere to this advice from that Messianic Council?  How come so many Christians eagerly testify to “The Blessings they receive (witnessed by shining automobiles and luxury homes) for paying Tithes?” – another of those ‘Mosaic Laws’!

It should be clear to the prudent seeker after ultimate Truth, that somewhere, things don’t tally in the teachings of the Torah rejecting Messianic fraternities.

No!  The Torah is still well and alive and applicable to every believer on earth.  Shav et Shevoetwhich is being fulfilled all around us amongst seeking believers, is clear proof that the Restoration which had been Divinely foretold, is coming to fruition in miraculous fashion.  No power on earth shall stop it – and you will do well to join that tide!

The Scriptural Confirmation of the Return of 10-Israel

Ezek 20:41-43 – His ‘SIGNAL’ to the nations – in His own Words:  “I mean to gather you together from the foreign countries in which you have been scattered; through you I intend to display My Holiness for all the Nations to see … when I bring you back to the soil of Israel, to the Land I solemnly swore to give to your fathers (verse 40).  For on My Holy Mountain, on the high Mountain of Israel is where the whole House of Israel, resettled  in the country, will worship Me.”

Zechariah 10:8,  “I am going to gather them in … I shall lead them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon (* Refer Note), and even that will not be large enough for them.”  And, quoting a Divine Promise of regathering of the dispersed nation of Israel,  “… your (previously) devastated country will now be too small for all your inhabitants.” (Jeremiah 49:19).

Isaiah 2:1-4  “In the days to come,  the Mountain of the Temple of YHVH shall tower above the mountains and be lifted higher than the hills. All the nations will stream to it,  peoples without number will come to it;  and they will say: ‘ Come let us go up  to the mountain of  YHVH,  to the Temple of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways,  so that we may walk in His paths;  since the Law will go out from Zion, and the Oracle of YHVH from Jerusalem.  He will wield authority over the nations and adjudicate between many peoples;  these will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles.  Nation will not lift up sword against nation.  There will be no more training for war.”

Zechariah in ch. 2:14  “Sing, rejoice Daughter of Zion (Israel) for I am coming and I will live among you – it is YHVH Who speaks – Many nations will join themselves to YHVH in that Day – ‘they will be My People and I will live among you’ – YHVH will take possession of Judah (the area) as His Portion in the Holy Land and He will again make Jerusalem His very Own.  Let all mankind be silent before YHVH.”

Zechariah 14:9,16  “And YHVH will be King of the whole world. When that day comes, YHVH will be unique and His Name unique.  All who survive of all the nations that have marched against Jerusalem will go up year by year to worship the King YHVH Sabaoth”.

Deuteronomy. 32:8 “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided the sons of men, He fixed their bounds according to the number of the sons of Israel.”

Isaiah 25:6  “On this mountain (Zion, in Jerusalem), YHVH will remove … the shroud enwrapping all nations.”

More Blessed Revelations from

‘Shav et Shevoet Am Yisrael!

Literally translated from the Original Hebrew Scriptures

Psalm 14:7  ‘Who will give from Zion the Salvation (Y’shuat) of Israel?
When YHVH turns the Captivity of His People (B’Shoev YHVH Shevoet Amo) Jacob shall rejoice and Israel be happy.” (The Jerusalem Bible: “When YHVH brings His people Home”)

Conclusion:  YAHU’SHUAH as the Salvation of (Y’Shuat) Israel, is the exact opposite of the Captivity of 10-Israel.  What does He therefore ‘save’ 10-Israel from?  From captivity in exile, from enslavement to ‘other gods whom they never knew’, from pagan observations – from all this, He will restore them, or Return them, to the pure, unadulterated worship according to the Eternal Covenant of YHVH. How shallow does that not make the popular cliché “He saved me from my sins”, when sins no longer are defined by non-observation of Torah, but by non relevant definitions of ‘sin’ according to the likes and dislikes of man. Shav et Shevoet! Turn from Captivity in Egypt!  This time the Exodus will be more miraculous even than the first!
Refer The Original True Gospel

Psalm 53:6 repeats the above statement of Ps. 14 exactly.  It does so,  as a conclusion to its lamenting the godless state of mankind as “false, corrupt, vile”.  We are witnessing this today as the financial powerhouse of Western capitalism is crumbling – false, corrupt, vile – as proven in theEnron, World.com and other recent emerging scandals in the USA and the financial world across the globe!  As these institutions bite the dust, dragging more and more with them, the scandals will be revealed, increasing in its extent of degradation, fired by man’s self-interest and bestiality.  Shav et Shevoet is mankind’s only solution:
Deut. 30:2 “…if you Return to YHVH your God, if you obey His Voice with all your heart and soul in everything I enjoin on you today (i.e. the Laws, Statutes, Precepts and Commandments of YHVH), then YHVH your God will bring back your captives (‘shav et Shevoet’ – restore you, set you free from bondage, reconcile you to His Covenant relationship)“.

Ps. 126:1 repeats our theme phrase. The award winning Israeli song “By the rivers of Babylon” is based on this very theme!  How great the Joy of those who are set free!
“When YHVH brought Zion’s captives home,
at first it seemed like a dream;
then our mouths filled with laughter,
and our lips with song …
how over joyed we were!”

Jer. 29:14 uses our theme phrase.  The context of this chapter leaves no doubt that it refers to the Return of Judah after their 70-year Babylonian exile in the 6th century BCE.  Verse 14 specifically though, seems to point to a wider universal Ingathering “from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you.” – as we have been witnessing since the end of World War 2 and the re-erection of the State of Israel in 1948.

Jer. 30:3 records our theme phrase once more, but this time applying it specifically to “Israel andJudah” and again in verse 4.  Israel and Judah will unite (Jer. 3:18) to serve YHVH their God (Jer. 30:9) and build the land together, no longer at enmity with each other (Jer. 31:28).  The question that arises here is: “According to which religion will these re-united 2 Houses serve YHVH?” – Halachic (“Rabbinical”) Judaism, or Messianic non-Halachic Judaism? (Christian Messianism certainly has no place in this re-union).

Jer. 33:20  “YHVH says this: ‘If you could break My Covenant with the day and My Covenant with the night, so that day and night not come at their due time, then My Covenant with David My servant might also be broken … Verse 23, 24  Have you not noticed what these people say: ‘The two families which YHVH chose, He has now rejected?’  So they despise My People, whom they no longer think of as a nation!  YHVH says this: ‘If I have not created day and night and have not laid down laws for the heavens and the earth, why then I reject the descendants of Jacob (12 Tribes) and of David My servant … for I mean to restore their fortunes (Shav et Shevoet)  and take pity on them.”

Had these many instances in Scripture been correctly translated as “bring back or Return the captive ones of My People”, then Israel may not today have been the target of Arab hatred and Palestinian attempts, supported by all the nations of the world, to deny the Returning Jews sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel!

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