Why Then The Crucifixion?

For the ancient Israelites, the blood of the Paschal lamb was the first step to their release from bondage as the Covenant nation.  Similarly, the offer of the Crucifixion is the first step for the repentant sinner to bridge.

In a much deeper sense, it made possible the reconciliation of the ‘rejected Bride of YHVH’, referring to the 10 Tribes of Northern Israel.   Hosea 1-3 and Jeremiah 3 refers to this section of ancient Israel as the ‘Harlot Bride of YHVH’  who had been rejected by Him.  Judah is also labelled a disloyal Bride, but was never divorced from YHVH.  His enduring love for His alienated Bride (the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel), is clear from the Scriptures, but His own Law prevented Him from taking her back.  The Law does however provide for a widow to remarry.  And so a staggering event unfolded some 2000 years ago:  YHVH Who is immortal, became incarnated in human shape, as the Messiah, in order to fulfil the emblem of the “Sacrificial Paschal Lamb”, and was slaughtered  by His own creation – to make it possible for Him to reconcile His lost Bride!

Thirdly, in this way the alienated Bride (and anyone else who accepts the Offer of the Crucifixion for reconciliation with the Almighty) are brought into the Eternal Covenant, together with Judah.  This time however, in fulfilment of the Prophetic Promise of a “New Covenant, written in the heart and mind”, it is a Spirit driven era.  Scripture clearly determines that anyone who claims to be a part of the Covenant people, yet does not live according to its requirements of true Law observance, will most surely disqualify themselves from the Eternal Promises.

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