The Arrogance of 10-Israel against The Inviolable Covenant

1 Kings 11:9  records how YHVH became angry with the Judean King Solomon because his heart had turned away from YHVH who favoured him particularly.  YHVH undertook to tear His Kingdom away from Solomon.

1 Kings 11:9  “For your father David’s sake however (from the Tribe of Judah) … I will not tear the whole Kingdom (away).  For the sake of David, and for the sake of Jerusalem which I have chosen,  I will leave  … one Tribe..”  This Tribe would be Judah, as both history and Scripture confirm:


2 Kings 17:18,  “YHVH was enraged with Israel and thrust them away from Him.  There was none left but the Tribe of Judah only.”


His Purpose with retaining  one Tribe, is explained in 1 Kings 11:13,  “So that My servant David will always have a Light in My Presence in Jerusalem, the City I have chosen as a Dwelling Place for My Name.”


This links up with His Divine Intention of selecting Judah as His Shevet (Tribe) and Mechoqeck.  This is part of the fulfilment of the Divine Blessing of Judah to remain an ongoing, identified Tribe before Him.


This is re-affirmed in 2 Chronicles 13:5  “Do you not know, that YHVH the God of Israel, has given the sovereignty (Kingdom) of Israel to David for ever? It is an inviolable Covenant!.”


In the chapters  (1 Chron. 11-13) surrounding this monumental statement, we read of the straying of 10-Israel under their own appointed king Jeroboam, who disowned and rejected the Levites and Priests of Judah who were in Northern Israel.  These priests returned to Judah and Jerusalem to serve YHVH with Judah,  They were joined by “members of all the tribes (of 10-Israel) who were wholeheartedly devoted to the worship of YHVH.”  (1 Chron. 11:15) . 


Surely, here is a clear indication of the spirit of YHVH’s elect? – to come OUT of paganism and anti-Judah opposers and to return to and join Judah, YHVH’s sole remaining Kingdom Tribe!


In these chapters (and many others in these ‘hidden records’ of Chronicles and Kings) we also find clear defining of the spirit, attitude and actions of 10-Israel:

1 Chron. 12:1  They soon rejected the Law of YHVH.

1 Chron. 13:9  They drove out the priests of YHVH to make priests of their own liking.

1 Chron. 10:16  10-Israel called out: “What share have we in David?  We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse! … henceforth, look after your own House, David!”  They thus rejected the House of Judah and the Faith and Law of YHVH.

1 Chron. 10:19  “And the House of (10) Israel remained separated from the House of David until the present day.”


In these seldom read books we also find a clear description of the spirit that is so prevalent in 10-Israel today, sifted amongst the nations, from whence many of them are waking up to the Call of Return to their ancient Roots.  Thus, we read in 2 Kings 17:18 onwards, how that the king of Assyria brought foreigners back to the land of Northern Israel (Samaria) to replace the exiled 10-YTribers.  It is said that because the once fertile land no longer provided its bountiful produce to the strangers, they were taught the Ways of “the God of the Land (of Israel).

2 Kings 17:33 “They worshipped YHVH and their own gods at the same time, with the rites of the countries from which they had (come) been deported … They did not … conform to the Statutes of YHVH, or the rituals, or the Law or the Commandments which YHVH had laid down for the sons of Jacob … Israel.”


10-Israel in exile amongst the nations would experience the opposite.  Having rebelled against and lost these Laws of YHVH, they would be exposed to the rites of the strange nations amongst whom they would be exiled.  At their return, it is obvious that they would return to the Way and Laws of YHVH, while retaining and clinging to some of these pagan rites.  It is for this very reason that YHVH has retained the Tribe of Judah to serve as His Lawgiver and Interpreter (Mechoqeck) at their Return. It is also logic that they would resist this corrective Guidance, due to their exposure to the pagan ways and their total loss of proper Guidance in His Ways.


Prophecy of Redemption


In these hidden books we also find a wonderful Prophecy:

2 Chron. 15:3  “Many a day Israel will spend without a faithful God, without priest (Cohen, Rabbi) to teach, without Torah (for they have rejected and pulled away from the Mechoqeck of YHVH).  But in their distress they will return to YHVH, the God of Israel.  They will seek Him, and He will let them find Him.” 


But it will be in a time of trouble amongst the nations – verse 5 – 7.  There will be those who try to twist this as applying to the Jews (Judah)  Verse 1-3 of this chapter however clearly defines that it refers to 10-Israel and not to Judah.


In 1 Kings 12:26 onwards, we read about 10-Israel’s king Jeroboam, how he declared his anti-Judah religious practises, after rejecting the Judah leadership – for fear that 10-Israelites would return to the Jewish Faith and thus cause his death:

–        he built a new non-Jewish Temple at Bethel

–        he appointed priest from ordinary non-Levite families.

–        he moved the ‘Jewish’ feasts a month on, from the 7th to the 8th month.


This all sounds peculiarly familiar to the attitude of modern 10-Israelites who reject the Mechoqeck leadership of Judah and insist on having their own Beth Din’s, their own temples distinctly separated from Judah, their own ‘corrected’ Bible Calendar, their own appointed teachers and priests.


It is also conspicuous how these rejecters of Judah’s Mechoqeck authority, generally will dodge these clear Scriptural records of ancient 10-Israel’s rebellion against Judah’s authority, by attributing it to “the higher taxes that Judah enforced on them.”  Closer analysis will show that they are simply persisting today in the very same rebellion of their forefathers.


Do they not know, that YHVH the God of Israel, has given the sovereignty (Kingdom) of Israel to David for ever?  It is an inviolable Covenant!


Is it not clear, also in light of the Prophecies of re-uniting 10-Israel and Judah into ONE nation, ONE House again, that the Divine Intent according to this inviolable Covenant must be to join His Kingdom, the rulership of which had been allotted to Judah – the Kingdom of David?


Is this not the Kingdom which YAHU’SHUAH told us to pray for:  “Let thy Kingdom come …?”  Is there another Kingdom,  another inviolable Covenant? 


All that will change,  and all that can possibly change in a future dispensation, is the leadership guidance.  When the Ruling Messiah comes, He will take over the Rule from Judah – until that Time, Judah is in charge!


Significantly,  10-Israel under the influence of their King Jeroboam, pronounced their own (temporal) doom when they proclaimed:


1 Kings 12:16, “What share have we in David?  We have no inheritance in the Son of Jesse!”


Every returning 10-Israelite today, stands before this vital decision:  Who will they join:

– that part of 10-Israel which rebels against Judah’s Mechoqeck appointment?

– or, will they return in humility to Judah to learn from its teachers?



Psalm 78 gives a lengthy overview  of the history of Israel’s provoking of God  (read the entire Psalm) and concludes with God’s election of Judah in preference to Israel (Ten Tribes)  Yet, in this He provided a Way of Escape  for 10-Israel:

Ps. 78:67 “ Moreover He refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim (10-Israel):   But chose the tribe of Judah, the mount Zion which he loved.  And He built His Sanctuary, a copy of High Heaven, founding it firm like the earth which He established for ever.  He chose David also, His servant, and took him from the sheepfolds: From following the ewes great with young, He brought him to feed Jacob His people, and Israel His inheritance / heritage.”

Judah would oversee His Sanctuary on Mount Zion,  where His Holy City Jerusalem is built.  By maintaining the Sanctuary of YHVH and its inherent religious ‘System’, Judah would spiritually lead, feed, teach and care for 10-Israel – His heritage or dominion.

This is also confirmed in Ps. 114:2    “Judah was His sanctuary, and Israel His dominion.”  This is a much quoted portion in the Jewish Pesach ceremony,  saying that at the sight of the 12 Tribes leaving Egypt during the Exodus, “the mountains and hills skipped like rams’ (verse 6). at the sight of the Purpose of God, to rule through His elect over the world, was being set in process. 

Of course, we know today, that the final fulfilment would be achieved in the 2nd Exodus, at the Return of all 12 Tribes from across the world where they have been exiled and dispersed amongst the nations – Jeremiah 16:14;  23:7 “However, the days are coming, declares YHVH, when men will no longer say, ‘As surely as YHVH  lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,  but they will say, ‘As surely as YHVH lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where he had banished them.’ For I will restore them to the land I gave to their forefathers.”

Just as in any country, kingdom or domain, there has to be a legal judicial body.  In the Kingdom of YHVH on earth, it is Judah. In the future Kingdom it will be His elect, under direct leadership and guidance of Messiah (God) Himself.

Just as the citizens of any country will always have criticism and dislikes with certain issues of the ruling law system, so, in the Kingdom of YHVH there is a majority of professing citizens who criticise,  object and even reject the judicial rule instituted by YHVH Himself. Just as citizens in any country take the rule of law in their own hands, so the citizens of YHVH’s Kingdom do try and temporarily get away with making their own adaptations of the law of the country.

“Judah his sanctuary” – God set up and mandated His true System of worship under the guidance of His Mechoqeck, the Jews.  He made them His peculiar people who would be settled in the Land of Israel, controlling the City which bears His Name and His favour –  Jerusalem.  His Temple would be in Jerusalem, controlled by Judah. This would be His abode; His sacred dwelling-place. While the Temple was there. Judah was the principal or leading tribe, recognized as the tribe where power and leadership was to be concentrated, and from which the ruling Messiah was to proceed. 

“Judah was his Sanctuary.” – the verb  “was” in the original Hebrew is  in the feminine conjunction. Judah is therefore here personified as a virgin (Isaiah 22:4), “the daughter of My people” (Ps 45:12). The choice of Judah as “His sanctuary” or holy dwelling, denotes the elect nation’s separation from the world and consecration as “holy unto YHVH her God” (Deut 7:6; Ex 19:5-6). Judah is chosen as being, from the time of the carrying away of the Ten Tribes, the surviving heir of the ancient Divine Promises belonging to it (Ps 76:1).

Blessed are the people who have God’s Sanctuary among them (Ex 25:8; Ezek 37:26).

Ezek 37:26-28  “I (YHVH) will put My sanctuary among them forever.  My dwelling place will beabove them; I will be their God, and they will be My people.  Then the nations will know that I,  YHVH, make Israel holy, when My Sanctuary is among them forever.'”

While it is generally accepted that this Sanctuary refers to God’s Personal Physical Presence and Rule in His Kingdom,  the question may now arise whether this ‘Sanctuary’ could refer to Judah in any way.  There may be a hint in favour of this reasoning by the emphasis in the Hebrew word meanings represented in bold above, viz.

Among them – Hebrew b’tochem – literally ‘within their midst’.

Above them –  Hebrew ‘uleihem’  – ‘Over above’ them, as in the Israeli airline El-Al  (lit. ‘to and above’) This text is generally translated as ‘with them’.

Our next section further down will shed some further light on this probability.

“and Israel His dominion” – over whom, or through whom, He would rule His Kingdom.  The Hebrew word used here for dominion, is memshalot, i.e. the plural form – ‘and Israel His dominions.’  The plural denotes them being ‘many nations’ according to the Promises to the patriarchs: Abraham, Yitzchak and Ya’acov.




The most amazing revelation awaits us as we consider yet another Divine Declaration in the Hebrew Scriptures regarding Judah’s designation and calling in the Plan of YHVH for humanity.


Our study thusfar has given us some deeper insight into the Divine Mandate decreed upon Judah, as defined in our main text under review – Gen. 49:10 above.  A golden rule of Bible study, is to read any quoted texts in their wider context within a paragraph, chapter or section.  In applying this to our theme text, Gen. 49:10, we find, in the verse just prior (verse 8),  a staggering bold Prophetic declaration about Judah – the Jews:


Gen 49:8  “Judah, your brothers will praise you;  your hand will be on the neck of your enemies;  your father’s sons will bow down (mishtachaveh)  to you. “

The Hebrew word  ‘mishtachaveh’  means ‘to bow down in worship’  The 1st Command, a most logic one, acceptable to even those believers who regard themselves as totally free from the Law, decrees that:

Ex 20:3-5  “You shall have no other gods before Me  … You shall not worship (mishtachaveh them or serve them.“ 

“The children of Judah’s father” who would bow down (worship?) before Judah (the Jews) could refer to Judah’s 11 brothers, viz. the 10 Northern Tribes and Benjamin.  It could also possibly refer to  even all 12, including  a sector of Judah, if perhaps the object of this bowing down would refer to a select sacred segment within Judah.

Do we have a Scriptural suggestion of a total absurdity here, or is there more to it than meets the eye at first glance?


“For you are ‘gods’ (elohim) !”


 John 10:34   “Messiah answered them,  ‘Is it not written in your Torah, ‘I have said you are gods? So the Torah uses the word ‘god’ (elohim) of those to whom the Word of God was addressed – and  Scripture can not be rejected.‘”  This bolded text portion, a statement by Messiah Himself, should be foremost in our minds in the further part of this review:  Scripture (Torah) can NOT be rejected, whether  we like it or not; whether it suites our theories or not – and ultimately, whether it implies what may seem to us to be an absurdity or not!

In this astonishing statement, YAHU’SHUAH referred the Jews who were stoning Him “for claiming to be God”  (verse 33). to a statement regarding Judah, which is contained in the Word of YHVH and which claims  that Judeans were ‘gods’!

Let us read this statement straight from the Scriptures:

Psalm 82:1  “God (Elohim) stands in the divine assembly (amongst His elected).   Among the gods(elohim) He dispenses Justice … (v. 6)  I once said, ‘You too are gods (elohim) – sons of the Most High, all of you!’

Note, that YHVH is addressing His elect with this bold statement.  But, of whom did He say this, ‘You too are gods”?  

Exodus 7:1  “YHVH said to Moses,  ‘See, I make you god (elohim) to Farao, and Aaron your brother is to be your prophet…”

From Exodus 21:7 and  Deut 19:17 it is clear that the judges and rulers of Judah of old, in these designations, were referred to as ‘elohim’ (gods).  YHVH mandated them with His own Rulership, as a King designates his authority and rule to his subordinates; as a CEO of a business corporation designates the management of his company to his board of directors.

The question that those Messianics who reject Rabbinic authority has to answer to, is whether such subordinates have to be obeyed and consulted for leadership and execution of the will and requirements of their superiors?


NOW – For the ultimate of ultimates!


Scripture seems to hint that the overcomers will “become God” themselves.


Daniel ch. 7:13 – 23. “I gazed into the visions of the night,  and I saw coming on the clouds of Heaven, one like a Son of Man (the obvious general conclusion from this is that it refers to Messiah – but read on).  He came to the One of Great Age (the normal conclusion here is that it refers to ‘God the Father’ – thus, Messiah approaching the Father – read on!) and was led into His presence.  On him (the son of man?) was conferred sovereignty, glory and kingship and men of all nations and languages became his servants.  His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty which shall never pass away nor will his empire be destroyed.”


Who is this ‘Son of Man” who will have an eternal sovereignty?  Most readers assume that we have here a prophecy of “the Messiah taking the Kingdom Rule which the Father appoints Him.”

But is that truly what the Word says?

No!  And when we discover what the implication of this prophetic vision truly is, then we will also understand the Key which YAHU’SHUAH Himself gives us in the above mentioned Scriptures, which seem to point to, and which so many believers interpret as,  a duality of the “Father and the Son”, making “2 Gods” – which is totally an unscriptural and pagan concept, gravely insulting and dethroning the One True God!

Let us read directly from the Scriptures what this vision of Daniel entails – to discover who this “one like the Son of Man coming to the Ancient of Days” really refers to.

Dan. 7:15  “Daniel was deeply disturbed and the vision alarmed him.  (Daniel is a Jew who believes in One True God only).  So I approached one of those who were standing by and asked him to tell me the Truth about all this.  And in reply he revealed to me what all these things meant.  … Those (like a son of man, coming on the clouds) who are granted sovereignty,  are the saints of the Most High and the Kingdom will be theirs for ever, for ever and ever!

In inquiring after the little Horn in the vision, which persecuted these overcoming saints, it is confirmed once more in verse 21,22 that the persecution  would continue  “… until the coming of the One of Great Age Who gave Judgment in favour of the saints of the Most High, when the time came for the saints to take over the Kingdom.”

A third confirmation follows in verse 27 “And the sovereignty and kingship, and the splendours of all the kingdoms under heaven, will be given to the people of the saints of the Most High.  His sovereignty (the one like unto the Son of Man, coming on the clouds) is an eternal sovereignty, and every empire will serve and obey him.”

Accordingly, our main text for this study, Gen. 49:10, becomes a microcosm for this often misinterpreted Prophecy of Dan 7 – as we will suggest in our final conclusion.

No doubt,  there are those who will use this information now as a confirmation of their denial of “the Messiah” Whom Scripture refers to also as “coming on the clouds.”  To them, if this “One like unto the Son of Man” is not YAHU’SHUAH but the Saints,  it will endorse their denial of Messiah, as many of His followers these days are tempted to do.

However, YAHU’SHUAH Himself gives us the answer to this fatal denial, at the same time showing why He seems to acknowledge being subservient to “His Father and His God”.  The answer comes clearly  from:

Rev. 2:26  “… I will give the authority over the nations which I Myself have been given by My Father, to rule them with an iron scepter … if anyone has ears, let them listen to what the Spirit is saying.”(regarding “the secret of the seven stars He is holding in His Right Hand” and to whom this Message is directed, i.e. His true followers, in the 7 congregations. -1:20).


Again in Rev 3:5 “Those who prove victorious … I shall acknowledge their names in the presence of My Father.”  3:12  “Those who prove victorious, I will make into pillars in the sanctuary of My God … I will inscribe on them the Name of My God … and (it is also) My own New Name as well 

And finally, in Rev. 3:21  “To those who prove victorious, I will allow to share My Throne, just as I was victorious Myself and took My Place with My Father on His Throne.  If anyone has ears to hear, let them listen to what the Spirit is saying to the (overcomers).”

Do you realise what the mind shattering implication of this ‘Secret’ is?  I say it with great trepidation, fearing what some humans will do in accepting and applying this Revelation:

We shall be like God.  We shall become God!


– if we truly prove victorious like He did.

Ps. 82:6  “I (God v.1) have said ‘You are Elohim’ (The title of YHVH) and all of you are ‘sons of God’(the Most High).”

1 John 3:1,2  “Think of the Love that the Father has lavished on us by letting us be called ‘children of God’.  And that is what we are!  Because the world has refused to acknowledge Him, therefore it does not acknowledge us.  My dear people, we are already the Children of God, but what we are to be in the future, has not yet been revealed.  All we know is, that when it is revealed, we shall be like Him …”

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