“Jesus” versus “JeZeus”‏

Concerning proof that the name ‘Jesus’ has a pagan origin.


Few things in life can be proven beyond a doubt.  For instance:  How do we prove that even God exists?  In fact, faith is required – if we could prove it, there would have been no need for faith and every one on earth would know that God exists.  But, He gives us sufficient ‘proof’ so that we can install faith.


Fact is, that the Messiah was a Jew, born in a Jewish Land from a Jewish woman.  He grew up in the Jewish faith and attended a Jewish Temple.  There is NO SUCH NAME in Hebrew as “Jesus”.  It is IMPOSSIBLE that He would have been called ‘Jesus’.  So, when we have an idea of how Satan operates by deceit and confusion, replacement of Truth by lies, etc, then, like a detective would follow clues and habits of evil people, we can search for origins of the “replacement” name of “Jesus”.  Our studies show how that the book of Luke refers to “Elizeus” for the name of the prophet ‘EliYah’ – thus “My God is YAH’ has been replaced wiith ‘my god is Zeus’., for there is no such Hebrew prophet in the Bible as Eliseus.  But, we know how the sun god Zeus worship infiltrated the early Christian Churches.  At best, we can conclude that  Jesus” is in fact synonymous to this false name “JeZeus”.  In this way, it would imply that Yah=Shuah has been replaced by …. I prefer not to type this … you can derive it for yourself.


Lacking such “proof” will now inspire many believers to stick to the foundationless name of “Jesus” for the Hebrew Jewish Messiah.  Jewish history tells us how that many Jewish mothers since Abraham called their son’s “Joshuah”, expecting that he might be the expected Messiah.  Hebrew Names to this day, have a meaning – and Joshua or Yeshua or Yahushuah means “YAH (God) is our Salvation”.  ‘.Jesus’. has no meaning in Hebrew


Another example, your name Nefeg Kwame has no meaning for me at all, not knowing what nation you stem from.  Chances are that in your home language (or your father’s home language) Nefeg and Kwame has a certain meanings.  Also, the name of the prime minister of Israel. for instance, Netanyahu, means “Gift of YAHU (God)”  My own name, OvadYah, means ‘servant of YAH’.  EVERY Hebrew name of every citizen here in Israel has a meaning.  Yehshua. Yehjoshua, etc  to every Jew is a Name which often appears in the Bible, sometimes even referring to Messiah, but translated as the word “salvation”.  Why are these names spelt differently?  Only because the Hebrew “sound” of that word is transliterated into every language in order to produce the same “sound” as when the Hebrew Name is pronounced.  In Hebrew there is no or very little difference in the Hebrew spelling of that Name.  Thus the ‘Hebrew sound’ (pronunciation) of Yeshuah (and we should really be writing the Hebrew letters here, can be transliterated in English as “Yeshuah, Yashua, Joshua, Yehoshua” etc.   Read these names over and over fast, and you will hardly hear a difference.  Meanwhile Sacred Name users become very punctual about which version and which not to use.  Fact is:  The Hebrew version stands firm.


One could go on for hours, like, all this confusion is part of the Curse of the Tower of Babel when God mixed humanity’s languages to stop them from understanding each other – for they used their communication to progress with evil.
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