have a couple drinks

Did you know…

The עַדְלֹיָדַע is a special parade that occurs every year during the Purim holiday.
עַדְלֹיָדַע is a new word in Hebrew. It is actually comprised of three words: עַד דְלֹא יָדַע (ad delo yadah).
The meaning of these words is “until one doesn’t know.”
The Jewish faith usually requires that Jews have a high level of control. However, on the Purim holiday, the exact opposite is expected. According to the sages, people should drink on Purim, “until they don’t know the difference between the Blessed Mordechai and the Cursed Haman.”
Although we are not recommending that people getvery drunk on Purim, drinking and being merry is encouraged. Sages recommend drinking to the point of confusion as explained above.

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