lost tribes

the “lost” tribes.
The tribe of Reuben was to become a populous nation exhibiting the might and dignity of a firstborn, but would be “unstable as water” and prone to gratifying sexual passions (Genesis 49:3–4; Deuteronomy 33:6). Modern-day France, descended from Gauls whose origin was Israel, fits this description well. When a French prime minister keeps a mistress openly, it raises no eyebrows. For centuries, France had a colonial empire, and French was the language of diplomacy. Yet France’s preeminence has waned in favor of the U.S. and British Commonwealth nations.
The tribe of Dan was prophesied to be “a serpent by the way” (Genesis 49:17); its wandering people would leave their mark in place names such as Denmark.
Zebulun was to dwell by the sea and be a “haven for ships” (v. 13), and to “rejoice… in your going out” (Deuteronomy 33:18–19). This suggests a coastal sea-faring people with thriving trade—like the Dutch.
Gad was to “dwell as a lion” and play a leading role among nations as one that “administered the justice” (vv. 20–21). This calls to mind Switzerland—neutral since the 1500s, highly militarized with a focus on defense and the home of numerous international organizations.
Simeon and Levi were to be scattered among the tribes, because of their violent disposition and self-willed actions (Genesis 49:5–7). Yet Levites were to be teachers of the statutes of God among the tribes (Deuteronomy 33:8–11), and were selected to serve in the temple because of their musical talents (1 Chronicles 15:16–22).
Asher was to “be rich, and… yield royal dainties” and deal in iron, bronze and oil (Genesis 49:20; Deuteronomy 33:24–25). Issachar is described as “a strong donkey lying down between two burdens” (Genesis 49:14–15), Napthali as a “deer let loose” that “uses beautiful words” (v. 21) and Benjamin as a “ravenous wolf” (v. 27)
These ancient prophecies—which were intended to be understood in the last days—explain the location and end-time roles of the modern Israelite nations. The Church that Jesus Christ founded was commissioned to inform the peoples of these nations why they were blessed, and what their future holds.

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