“L-rd’s Prayer”.

In the Gospels, we have, what is commonly called, the "L-rd’s Prayer".  It is worthy to note that Yahushua begins the prayer by showing us that we should (just as he did) pray to our Heavenly Father.  Once again, Yahushua points us to worship the Father rather than himself.  

We are grateful to David Olson, for his beautiful and insightful interpretation of this prayer.  By placing it in a "Messianic" context, we may see and  understand it’s true intent more clearly.  This is the same prayer which is used at the Tree of Life Assembly in our liturgy service each Sabbath.     


                The Messiah’s Example for Prayer:                         (Mattithyahu 6:6-9a)


Yahushua said: "But you, when you pray go into your (small) room (this word is actually, "little tent" in reference to the tallit), and having shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the Secret Place (the Holy of Holies).  And your Father, Who sees in secret shall reward you openly. And when praying, do not keep on babbling like the geniles.  For they think that they shall be heard for their many words.  Therefore, do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. This, then, is the way you should pray:"


                    THE MODEL PRAYER:

“Avinu Malkaynu, (our Father, our King) who reigns from the loftiest heavens, kadosh (setapart) is Ha Shem (The Name). May Your Kingdom come, even in our days. May Your will be done in the kingdoms of the earth, even as it is clearly established in the heavenlies. We trust in You for our daily needs by Your heavenly bounty. Forgive us our offensesthoughts, words and deedseven as You charge us to forgive others of their offenses against us. Guide us sure and clear of temptation, delivering us from all that sets itself up contrary to You; for the true everlasting Kingdom, all dominion, honor and glory are Yours forever and ever. Amein.

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