Sunday, Christmas, and Easter

Sunday, Christmas and

Easter are all converted pagan sun-worship festivals.

These festivals were not taught by Yeshua or practiced

by His disciples, but slowly crept their way into the faith

during a great ‘falling away’, and were only ‘sanctified’

by the Catholic Church hundreds of years later. Even

though the Pope ‘sanctified’ these festivals, the Pope’s

authority does not exceed that of Scripture; and the

simple fact is that YHWH never told us to keep these

festivals. Instead, YHWH tells us to keep His festivals:

so why would anyone who believes in YHWH keep

Sunday, Christmas or Easter?

In different places, YHWH tells us that He wants us to

keep His festival days forever, in all of our generations.

Shemote (Exodus) 12:14

14 ‘Now this day will be a memorial to

you, and you shall celebrate it as a

feast to YHWH. Throughout your

generations you are to celebrate it as a

permanent ordinance.

Because the timing of Sunday, Christmas and Easter

are not established according to YHWH’s commands,

but instead are established by observing the heavenly

bodies, Deuteronomy 4:19 prohibits them. This can at

first seem confusing: if a believer intends to honor

YHWH or Yeshua by keeping these festival days, then

how is it homage to the sun, the moon and the stars to

worship on these days?

Notice that when Aharon (Aaron) initiated the festival

with the golden calf, he told the people that the festival

was in honor of YHWH.


Shemote (Exodus) 32:4-8

4 And he received the gold from their

hand, and he fashioned it with an

engraving tool, and made a molded

calf. Then they said, "This is your

elohim, O Israel, that brought you out

of the land of Egypt!"

5 So when Aharon saw it, he built an

altar before it. And Aharon made a

proclamation and said, "Tomorrow is a

feast to YHWH!"

6 Then they rose early on the next day,

offered burnt offerings, and brought

peace offerings; and the people sat

down to eat and drink, and rose up to


7 And YHWH said to Moshe, "Go, get

down! For your people whom you

brought out of the land of Egypt have

corrupted themselves.

8 They have turned aside quickly out

of the way which I commanded them.

They have made themselves a molded

calf, and worshiped it and sacrificed to

it, and said, ‘This is your elohim (g-d),

O Israel, that brought you out of the

land of Egypt!’"

Even though Aharon said that “Tomorrow is a feast to

YHWH”, and even though all the people may have

thought that they would be honoring YHWH with this

festival, the simple fact is that YHWH was not pleased.

YHWH was so furious that the people had made their

own festival days that He was prepared to wipe out the

children of Israel, and start a new nation out of Moshe.

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