Colossians 2:16-17 The gift of the Spirit on the “PENTECOST”

When YHWH poured out the gift of the Spirit on the

Pentecost, the faithful still needed to be at the Temple

in Jerusalem in order to receive that gift. If Yeshua’s

resurrection really marked the end of the Torah and the

Prophets, as some groups claim, then why did the

faithful still need to be in the Temple on the Pentecost?

Why was the Spirit not poured out at some other place,

and at some other time, such as on Christmas, in


Some theologians tell us that even though the Apostles

continued to keep YHWH’s festivals, the reason we

now keep Sunday, Christmas and Easter is that

Yeshua’s resurrection marked the start of a three-tofour-

hundred-year period of change, in which the

Church would be authorized to make all sorts of

sweeping changes to the faith. However, this thesis is

very curious, considering these alleged changes were

never prophesied anywhere in Scripture, and also

considering how many times YHWH sternly warned

those who feared Him not to keep any other festival


The Torah is a codification of YHWH’s Spirit, given as a

list of instructions (dos and don’ts). At least according

to Jewish tradition, these instructions were first given to

Israel at Mount Sinai on the Pentecost, fifty days after

the first Passover. Then, thousands of years later, the

Spirit itself was poured out on the faithful at Pentecost.

The difference was that this time, instead of just giving

a codification of the Spirit, YHWH gave the gift of His

Spirit itself. Thus, in actuality there have already been

at least two fulfillments of the Feast of the Pentecost,

and Colossians 2:16-17 tell us that there are more on

the way.

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