Who is Maran Yeshua HaMashiach?

Written by Mevaser   
Thursday, 19 August 2004

Yeshua is the original Hebrew proper name for Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish Rabbi (and more) who lived from about 6 B.C.E. (B.C.) to 27 C.E. (A.D.) In other words, Yeshua was the name His mother called Him when shall called Him for supper.

Jesus is an evolution into English of the Greek mis-transliteration, Ieosus.  (Some say the name Jesus probably developed from the name of the pagan god Zeus, but there is little or no evidence for this.)  It is true that Emporer Constatine mistook Jesus for the Greek god Apollo, but that is another story.

It is the most proper to call Him Yeshua, since only in the Hebrew does His name have any meaning.  In Hebrew Yeshua means both "Salvation," and the abbreviated form of Yehoshua, the "LORD who is Salvation." The name Jesus has no intrinsic meaning in English, except as it is known as His name in English. (Therefore, we cannot deny the name Jesus, since this name commonly identifies the Messiah to English speaking people.)  Like many Jews, Yeshua has taken on a "common" name like those around him.  For example, Rabbi Adam’s mother’s Hebrew name is Shoshanna, but her "common" or "English" name (also her legal name) is Susan.  She goes by either one (just don’t call her Sue!  Ha-ha!)

Many people of the world believe Maran (Rabbi of Rabbi’s) Yeshua to be the promised Lamb of God, who was chosen to be sacrificed for all mankind’s sin. The Bible declares that mankind must have a blood sacrifice to substitute punishment for their sins by placing them on the sacrifice, figuratively speaking. The sacrifice has to be blameless, else the punishment could not be substituted, since the thing sacrificed would be dying for its own sins. Clean and spotless animals were once sacrificed as a temporal measure until a fully qualified sacrifice could be supplied at the proper time. Followers of Yeshua believe He was that perfect sacrifice. He is a man, who could be properly substituted for mankind.

Yeshua came speaking the Torah Word of God with absolute authority. He made no mistake in regards to all God’s commands. Messianic Jews believe Yeshua to be the Messiah of Israel, who will come again to deliver Israel from their persecutors. Amen.

What does the Hebrew title Maran mean? Maran means exalted Rabbi, in modern Hebrew means that this person is a Rabbi of Rabbis. This is the way Maran Yeshua is spoken in the aramaic peshita (The Aramaic Good News of Redemption) it is used frequently in the Talmud . Till today, the most prominent rabbi’s in Israel are called Maran, like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. This is a very common term within the rabinical world (The term is more prevalent among Sephardi Jews, but may also be used by Ashkenazi Ortodox Jews). The most common use of the term is in reference to "Maran Beth Yosef", Rabbi Yosef Karo. In fact, when used without further qualification, Maran usually refers to Rabbi Karo. Maran is often attributed to Rabbis who serve as founding heads of a particular ideological/cultural movement.

Also Ben Elohim (son of God), means that this person is very close to God, just as Maran Yeshua is, so, according to rabbinical tradition some rabbis were, like the Baba Sali (Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira) who was called ish Elohim hahadosh (a holy man of God). Rabbi Shaul was a Rabbi, and for him the term for Melech HaMashiach in the Peshita is always Maran Yeshua, not Lord in the sence of God, but as exalted Rabbi, or Rabbi of Rabbi. So if you as a Israel jew was is Maran means, that will be the term they will describe. So believe in Maran Yeshua and you shall be saved. Not in the sence of God, but in the sence of his office as Mashiach.

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