What is this “Salvation” all about?

What is this "Salvation" all about?
Why are there thousands of churches and religions in the world; why do millions of people read and follow the Bible?
It is about a universal Kingdom of God.
It is about a Creator v. created being relationship.
It is also referred to in the Bible as a Marriage between God and His faithful People, His Bride.
Question is:  Who is the Bride?  How does she qualify as the Beloved of God?  And …. believe it or not, for those millions of spiritually content believers who believe that they do conform as His Bride – the question is:  Who is the bridegroom?  Many truly do not even know WHO the Bridegroom really is, as this short review will show.
The Jews refer to the event of the receiving of the Torah at Sinai, as the Marriage, with the Torah representing the Ketubah (Marriage contract and terms – the Covenant).
Christians believe that their Messiah is the Bridegroom.
We are approaching the Days of Awe, the Festive Period of the 7th month, featuring the 2nd series of annual Sacred Feast Days.  This Festive Period is one of the highlights of the Jewish Faith in the annual cycle of Biblical festivities.  Hebraic Roots Restorers have been discovering these Feasts which are obligatory on the followers of the God of Israel, as is the Sabbath (7th Day, Saturday).
They are also discovering that this Festive Period depicts the Wedding and prefigures the great festivity at His Coming.
Here are the dates for this year:
  • 9 & 10 Sept. (1st day of the 7th Biblical month) – Rosh HaShanah (Feast of Trumpets) – depicting the Day of His Return to establish His Kingdom, when He overthrows the evil powers of this world.
  • 18 Sept.  (10th day of the 7th month) – Yom Kippur – Judgment Day (Fast Day) on which the Books will be opened and those inscribed in the Book of Life will receive Entry into His Kingdom.
  • 23 Sept.  (14th day of the 7th month) – Succot, 1st Day of the 7-Day Marriage festivity in the newly established Kingdom
  • 29 Sept.  (14th day of the 7th month) – Final day 7 of the Marriage Feast.
  • 30 Sept.  (21st day of the 7th month) – The 8th Day,  Simchat Torah (Joyous Feast of the Torah) reluctant departure from the Wedding Ceremony into the millennual Kingdom.
These dates are according to the Jewish Calendar and are all Sabbaths (High Days).  Of course, Satan in his endeavours to confuse the Bride, has either concealed these days totally, or tampered with the Calendar, causing a host of discrepancies amongst would-be believers.  Gen. 49:10 defines the Divine Mandate given to Judah to determine these dates and Torah in general.  Ref. http://www.revelations.org.za/Mechoqeck.htm
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