The Bridegroom

The Bridegroom
The Bridegroom is the Eternal Creator God YHVH Himself, the God of Israel, the God of Judah (the Jews) the Covenant Keeper.
Now how does Messiah Y’SHUAH fit into this Marriage?  Jews claim to become the Bride of YHVH, under a Covenant which He had made with them at Sinai 3000 years ago and to which they have been clinging (as best possible) throughout the ages.
The 10 Tribes of Israel were under this same Covenant, but, due to their rejection of Judah’s authority of leadership, they were rejected by God and "divorced" some 2800 years ago (the reign of king Solomon), and banned and exiled from the Land till these Days of the Promised Awakening and re-identification (ref )
What most Messianics and re-awakening 10 Tribers do NOT realize, is that this Marriage is going to be a JEWISH Marriage, with a Jewish Bridegroom Who will be ruling over the world from His JEWISH Kingdom according to the Torah (‘Jewish’ Law).
The question is:  How many Messianics will be ready to become a JEWISH Bride of a JEWISH Bridegroom and run a JEWISH Household?  
Messiah Y’SHUAH was an orthodox Jew – born, bred, practicing and even into His Death as "King of the Jews" – according to the scoffing insigne on His Torture Stake.
Deceived  Jesus believers (who generally choose to remain so) are neither Torah based nor Torah observant.  Jesus himself, according to his followers, is NOT Torah observant – thus the
marriage between Jesus and his bride will NOT be a Torah Marriage or not even a Jewish marriage.
This calls for great circumspect and vigilance to which Marriage we consider ourselves invited.  One of these Marriages is going to draw a blank – no venue, no attendance, no ceremony – a fake!
But then also – imagine the staggering implications in a Jewish Marriage, when the couple has to be flawlessly kosher as to their Jewish Identity, else no Jewish marriage can take place!   On the Wedding of a Jewish couple, the Rabbis investigate the confirmation of proper Jewishness of the Bride – no proof, no marriage!  Which is why many Israeli couples run to Cyprus island to have a Greek, Christian marriage
Imagine, the bride has given her consent to marriage and eagerly looks forward to it, but -: 
– the Bride has the wrong name of the bridegroom – NO MARRIAGE –
not even a Gentile marriage!
 – the Bridegroom’s ID reflects another name than that which the Bride knows and calls him by,  NO MARRIAGE – not even a Gentile marriage.
 – The bridegroom rejects Halachic Torah in principle, as Jesus is claimed to do – NO JEWISH MARRIAGE!
 – The bridegroom rejects the Rabbinic authority, as Jesus is claimed to be doing – NO JEWISH MARRIAGE!
 – The bride rejects Torah and Jewish culture – NO JEWISH MARRIAGE!
The Bible as interpreted by mankind offers TWO Messiahs to choose between: 
  • A Gentile, non-Torah, anti-Jewish Messiah and
  • a Halachic Torah proclaiming Jewish Messiah,
Likewise, there are two Marriages presented, to choose between: 
  • A Gentile Marriage and
  • a Jewish Marriage.
 If we claim to be the Bride, then it would be wise, beforehand, to decide which Bride we wish to be and which Bridegroom we wish to be married to:
  •  the Bride of a Gentile non-Torah conforming Messiah, or 
  •  the Bride of the Biblically proclaimed Jewish Messiah
    It would be a tearful day to arrive at the wrong Marriage!  Or to arrive with the wrong ‘papers’.  This will be particularly tearful for those professing brides who are somewhere in-between these two categories – those who have turned to Torah and Jewish culture, but
    have the wrong identity details for their Bridegroom.  Those who refuse to know Him by His True Name, and who oppose parts of His Torah which they regard as ‘man-made’, because His appointed ‘Judges’ (rulers, interpreters, teachers) have stipulated it.
    If the Gentile Bride wishes to be His True, respected Bride, she will have to adapt His Jewish Culture FAST! – for Time is running out!
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