“Halachic Judaism”.

Wikipedia’s definition is correct. Ref.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halakha
In gen. common language understanding and usage, it is best defined as "The Walk" from the meaning of the root word connection "holech" = to walk.  Thus, a Walk in life according to Jewish Biblical Law; interpretation; a life style based on Rabbinic Torah interpretation.  This interpretation is according to a 3500 year old Academy of Jewish understanding and spiritual leadership, right back to Moses, a format that (like Common Law in most countries) sets a very wide, almost all inclusive legal pattern which has to be conformed to.
It would thus refer to issues for example:  "conversion according to Halacha"; "marriage acc. to Halacha," etc, or simply "Halachic conversion, marriage, life style", etc.
Underlying this Halachic interpretation, is of course the "Oral Torah" – which simply refers to the wider, Rabbinic interpretation of the Written Torah.  Just as in any legal system, there is a written law and a Common Law interpretation, i.e. wider application. which serves as guidelines for court decisions.  No law in the world provides full comprehensive coverage of every practical trespass of the issue covered by that law.  Add to this, the factor that man always tries to circumvent the law in its wider implication.
Contenders of Judaism claim that Halacha and Oral Torah are "man-made Laws of the Rabbis" and the claim of people (Bible students) "returning to Torah" (as has been the masse experience all over the world lately) is that they insist on sticking to "the Written Torah".  Unfortunately, the Written Torah specifications do NOT cover every aspect of the topics and life-style actions that it caters for and someone has to be responsible for this wider application.  The Torah restorers of late, while claiming that they stick to Torah only and vehemently reject "man-made interpretation" then simply proceed to determine their own wider "man-made" interpretation – or they select themselves teachers and interpretations that they can approve of. 
It is significant, that this attitude of modern Torah restorers, follows exactly the same reasoning of the ancient Israelites of the Northern 10 Tribes of Israel who rejected the legal leadership of the Tribe of Judah appointed by God for such interpretation. It was for this rejection of God’s mandated Law interpreters that the 10 Tribes were rejected by God and sent into oblivion, in exile amongst the pagan nations.  This Exile though, was underwritten by a Divine Oath, that they would one day Return to become "one" with His nation again.
THIS is what the modern-day Return to Torah principles is all about.  It should be logic though, that God would want them to return to His appointed Law interpreters as He required before their exile.
Ref. http://www.revelations.org.za/Mechoqeck.htm for a comprehensive and clear Biblical analysis of this vital requirement.
We could thus say, that the Divine Intention and requirement is for a Return to "Halachic Judaism" – a statement which arouses heated rejection amongst most "Torah Restorers" today.  The lesson to rejected 10-Israel has not been fully realized and learnt yet.
THAT is what Bible REVELATIONS and its related Web Teachings are specializing in:
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