When Moses went up to heaven, the angels said to G-d: "What is a human being doing amongst us?" Said He to them: "He has come to receive the Torah." Said they to Him: "This hidden treasure, which was secreted with You for nine hundred seventy-four generation before the world was created, You wish to give to flesh and blood?… Place Your glory upon the heavens!"

Said G-d to Moses, "Answer them."

Said [Moses]: "Master of the Universe! This Torah that You are giving to me, what is written in it? `I am the L-rd Your G-d who has taken you out from the land of Egypt.’ Have you been descended to Egypt?" asked Moses of the angels, "Have you been enslaved to Pharaoh?

"What else does it say? `You shall have no alien gods’ – Do you dwell amongst idol-worshiping nations?… `Remember the day of Shabbos’ – Do you work?… `Do not swear falsely’ – Do you do business? … `Honor your father and your mother’ – Do you have parents? `Do not kill,’ `Do not commit adultery,’ `Do not steal’ – Is there jealousy between you? Do you have an evil inclination?"

The Midrash puts it this way: "G-d desired a dwelling place in the lowly realms." He desired that there be a realm that is lowly and distant from Him, a world that is inhospitable to His presence – in other words, a mundane, physical world – and that man transform this world into an abode for His manifest presence.
"This is what man is all about, this is the purpose of his creation and of the creation of all the worlds, supernal and ephemeral," writes Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi in his Tanya.

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