“You shall not take revenge”

Negative Mitzvah 304: It is forbidden to take revenge

Leviticus 19:18 "You shall not take revenge"

We often hear someone taunting another person:

"You deserve it. I’m giving you some of your own treatment!"

This is called taking revenge. The Torah describes the following case
as an example of revenge.

One day, Mr. Jacobs asked Mr. Sharf to lend him a gardening tool. But
Mr. Sharf refused.

The next day, Mr. Sharf needed a digging shovel and he asked Mr.
Jacobs if he could borrow his.

Mr. Jacobs retorted: "I’m not going to lend it to you, just like you
didn’t lend me what I needed yesterday!"

The Torah forbids us to take revenge.

We should try to understand another person and believe that he has a
good reason for his actions or that he is unable to help us if he

Even if we are sure he was inconsiderate, we should forgive and

By being nice to another person, even if he was not nice to us, we can
win his friendship and bring peace and happiness to the world.

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