“You shall not bear any grudge”

Negative Mitzvah 305: It is forbidden to bear a grudge

Leviticus 19:18 "You shall not bear any grudge"

Bearing a grudge means to remember a person’s wrong deed and remind
him of it even if we act nicely to him.

The Torah describes the following case as an example of bearing a

Mr. Samson asked Mr. Baruch to lend him something, but Mr. Baruch

The next day, Mr. Baruch needed to borrow something from Mr. Samson.

"With pleasure!," Mr. Samson replied. "I’m not going to be mean like
you were to me and refuse to lend you what you need."

HaShem wants us to ignore the fact that sometimes people do not act as
kindly and thoughtfully as they should.

We are not allowed to bear a grudge against another person.

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