seven Noahide laws

Torah teachings give guidance not only on how to run a Jewish home, but also on how to build a healthy and just society. The seven Noahide laws describe how all human beings should seek to live. (The seven Noahide laws commanded by G-d to all of mankind are: to believe in G-d [and not to serve idols]; not to blaspheme against G-d; not to murder [including euthanasia and abortion, unless it is to save the mother’s life]; not to steal; not to commit adultery, incest and other forms of personal immorality; not to eat a limb from a living animal; and to set up a judicial [and educational] system to apply these laws in society.] Through applying the boundaries, restraints and positive duties imposed by these laws in the context of modern life we can seek to catch up with our own progress. By attending to our internal structure as human beings, we can prepare ourselves, globally, to meet with G-d and to discover the truly perfect world promised by the Prophets.
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