Jewish Marriage

It was the year 2448 after the creation of the world.

A grand wedding was taking place around a mountain in the Sinai

Everyone had heard the engagement announcement and many had witnessed
the "shower" of gifts and special attention given to the bride to be.

All were excited and anxious about the upcoming event.

The Shofar was blowing the wedding tune, the skies themselves
"flashed" with lightening, as if taking pictures, and a heavenly fire
accompanied the bridegroom to the chuppah.

It was Matan Torah – the giving of the Torah.

HaShem, the bridegroom, was joined by the bride, the Jewish nation,
united by the wedding ring, the Torah, that was being presented to

This holy union serves as a model for all Jewish marriages throughout
the generations.

At that time, HaShem instituted laws and rules (expressed by the
Mitzvot 213 – 214, 216 – 220 ) that enable every Jewish marriage to
reflect that original sacred bond.

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