The Way – The Truth – The Life

ONE NEW MAN         

As believers we say that Messiah Yeshua has Lordship over our lives, but do we merely quote what He said or do we do what He did. There are 3 levels we can go to, 1. We accept Him as Saviour – a little bit like an insurance policy, nice and reassuring to have but it doesn’t change your lifestyle, or behaviour 2. We accept Him as Lord a deeper step involving obedience and doing things for Him, and changing your lifestyle, sometimes to great extremes, involving harsh treatment of your “Flesh” and travel to far off places “In his name” or cutting ourselves off from “the world”  Or 3.We accept God as our Father and desire a daily relationship with him, having 2 way conversations, not just delivering shopping lists. He talks, we listen, then we do what he says, we recognise his calm loving voice, we accept his non critical advice and act on it with His help and guidance.If we feel condemned it’s not From Abba because condemnation only produces shame and guilt. If we feel convicted then we know it’s from Him because conviction produces repentance, which produces forgiveness, which comes with the way and ability to change the behaviour.  Over and over again Yeshua told us to relate to The Father just as he did.In the Garden when Adam walked with Him and talked to Him, Relationship was the Key Walking with the Father and one another, that’s why Yeshua came, to restore the relationship personally. His time on Earth was totally devoted to living, eating, sharing, loving and instructing those around him, he didn’t live in a palace, he didn’t start a franchise operation, he didn’t establish a university or Bible College, He didn’t raise an army. He simply stated only what He heard from the father, and practiced what He preached! He didn’t start a new Religion He simply confirmed what Yahveh has been saying from the beginning and told us how to put it into practice He asked for followers not climbers (No Hierarchy) We Messianic believers (Jew and Gentile) need to get real; Yeshua said we would be known as His Talmidim (Disciples) by our love for one another. Yet I hear people constantly telling me that this is unworkable, that unconditional Love is absolutely impossible. Well Yeshua proved by his actions that not only is it possible, but the unconditional aspect is what actually makes it possible. We are told in Yoch 15:8   that The Father is glorified in us bearing much fruit, That this is how we prove we are His Talmidim (Disciples) how much fruit have you produced? What does it look and taste like? Yeshua said you will know them by their fruit!, many groups are claiming they are Oranges but look and taste like Lemons. If people say one thing but produce bad fruit, they are NOT grafted in to Yeshua! Only His cultivated Vine can produce good fruit.. Life in all its fullness produces growth and healthy changes, if they are not present then Yeshua is not part of it. If the fruit doesn’t look like Him, taste like Him or Sound like Him then it is not from Him. Yeshua said I AM the vine, Father is the Gardener, and We are the branches, and unless We are grafted in to this vine and abiding in it we can produce nothing worthwhile. Loving one another is not a nice suggestion, it is a COMMAND, and it means loving the not nice people as well as the nice people Yeshua chose us when we where still not nice! He didn’t choose us because of our past, but in spite of it focussing only on our future in Him. .So it was for the 1st century Messianic believers and so it must be today. We need to back up our claims in the Messiah, in obedience to YHVH through the power of His Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit), by allowing Him to create reality in our lives that will show “The Way” not just imitate it.The Body of Messiah is one new man, Jew and Gentile united in Him with neither  able to say “I have no need of you” but rather building ourselves up in love as servants fit For His service.  We are the only bridge between two communities separated by 2,000 years of Hate, mistrust, persecution, rejection and lies. Healing can only come through a people absolutely surrendered to serving an unconditionally loving Father, doing everything His way, wherever, whenever, and however He chooses. Total obedience! Yeshua Ha Maschiach said I AM-The Way-The Truth-The Life No one comes to the Father but by Me!


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