Looming Crash Could Obliterate 2009 Gains!

Looming Crash Could
Obliterate 2009 Gains!

"In-the-know" investors are fleeing the stock market in droves: $11 billion was withdrawn in one month alone . . .
Privy Wall Street insiders are jumping ship even as they tell YOU to keep buying . . .
And Select CEOs and top executives have sold 40 times more of their shares than they have bought!

Find out what you must do before midnight
Apr. 1
To avoid potentially DEVASTATING new losses and to
discover how you can take advantage of a market-timing
system that GAINED 37% while the S&P 500 LOST -22%.

Dear Friend,

Unless you take action now — and I do mean RIGHT NOW — your stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and even your retirement accounts could get CREAMED again in the next few weeks.

Many of the gains you made in 2009 could be obliterated.

How do I know this?

The same MARKET TIMING SYSTEM that flashed emergency red in mid-2008 — accurately predicting the 2008 stock market wipeout — is sounding the alarm once again.

And this MARKET TIMING SYSTEM is accurate — it also flashed emergency green in early 2009 to capture profits in the mega-rally.

Let’s look at the evidence for a looming crash:

FACT 1: The recent trend of insider transactions and mutual fund flows clearly indicates that the demand for stocks fell sharply during the past few months ($11 billion withdrawn from the market in one month alone).

FACT 2: The investment research firm TrimTabs reports that CEOs and other top executives have sold 40 times more of their shares than they have bought.

FACT 3: The recent U.S. GDP report indicates that this economic "recovery" has been weaker than any other one since the 1930s.

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