Avoda Zarah / Idol Worship : which literally means “alien worship.”

Who needs a plastic Jesus? What is Idol worship? Idol worship is not just a plastic Jesus on the dashboard of a taxi in Mexico city.  Idol worship is coming into the presence of a holy God on your own terms, not on God’s terms. Doing what you want because your god loves you and changes his standards as you go along.  Idol worship is placing your faith in a thing of God and not in God Himself. This thing could be a Mezuzah (the Mezuzah does not protect you, HaShem does), an ornament or a specific piece of clothing you wear. Idol worship also means that you have to recreate Biblical characters in your own image. As muslim do: "Mohamed believed that Avraham Avinu (our father), King David, and even Yeshua the Jewish Messiah were Muslim, and they worshiped and believed as he did." In general Christianity believes that our Rabbi, Maran Yeshua did away with the Torah (Law) and now we live in an age of grace without Torah. We know that our Rabbi Yeshua was a Torah centered man, an Israelite, named Yeshua not Jesus (Jesus in hebrew means the horse), born and raised in Israel. He is returning to the Holy Land to rebuild the Holy Temple and to teach us Torah from there. Making the holy Jewish Messiah into someone h e is not is idol worship. 

The Torah says: "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below" (Shemot 20:3-4). This is the second commandment as reckoned in the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Hebrew phrase for idolatry is avodah zara, which literally means "alien worship." Worship is considered "alien" when the worshiper is pouring out his/her life for a cause or a product other than the God of Abraham, Yitzak (Isaac) and Ya’acov (Jacob).

HaShem, the God of Israel is the true and only God. Ultimately, all so-called gods will bow before him. Because the God of Israel is the only true God, forbids his people to make anything that would lure them into idol worship.

The ancient idols, of course, were pieces of metal or images carved out of wood and other materials. It is difficult for us in our postmodern age to understand the lure of idolatry, in the sense of bowing down to blocks of wood and molten images. Nevertheless, we forget that idolatry has behind it a seductive, power. No doubt, sorcery and magic were very much a part of ancient worship as we see in the case of Pharaoh’s magicians (Shemot 7:22).

Imagine a poor Israeli farmer in ancient times, eking out a meager living on a terraced hillside. Next to his plot of land there is a Baal worshiper, who through sorcery is growing carrots two or three times larger than our farmer. The Israelite might be tempted to place a small image of Baal, the fertility god, in his garden. Initially, he would have no plan to forsake the God of Israel — but what could a tiny Baal image in his garden possibly hurt? In such gentle ways Israel was led astray until the people became confirmed and unashamed idol worshippers. We have grown too sophisticated to bow ourselves to blocks of wood or pieces of metal and actually worship them. Yet, the subtle evil inclination within us has beguiled us with a 21st century version of this temptation. Technology has given us more sophisticated blocks of wood and pieces of metal or stone. Just consider our computers, televisions, and other electronic marvels that consume our time and lives. Also, many devotees are often out polishing their fancy cars while the true God is being worshipped by the faithful. Any unknowing person would have to conclude that such ones were serving their gods.

These gods, like those of old, cannot speak, hear or smell, regardless of how much incense we burn to them. Think about the greed and the lust for money in this age. Many are the people who have sacrificed their own children on the altars of greed, just as ancient pagans offered their screaming children in the fires of the god, Molech (Vayikra / Leviticus 18:21) — just think of abortion as one of the modern trends. Regardless of the means, the principles are the same, and the children are just as dead in either case.

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin in his book titled, Jewish Wisdom, speaks of some of the values of modern society, such as the nation, art, literature and even education. He states in regard to these: "It is only when one ascribes to them supreme value that they turn into ‘gods.’" Even good things like Israel and Zionism can be turned into gods if they are not kept in perspective and balanced with the rest of scripture.

When our Rabbi, Maran Yeshua was tempted by Satan, he was asked to fall down and worship before him. Our Rabbi Yeshua quickly replied in Mattityahu / Matthew 4:10, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship HaShem your God, and serve him only.’" Worship and adoration lead to service. The gods we talk about will become our gods and will ultimately take our time, money and lives

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