By Rabbi/Brother Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky


In Jeremiah 50: 4, we can begin to understand the prophetic timing of Israel’s FULL AND TOTAL two house restoration. When will we be one nation back in the land of Israel? Of course we already understand that both houses are coming together now as a physical eternally blood redeemed remnant from each house. The restoration of Israel’s two houses is core basic bible doctrine. It is the national redemption and return of Israel’s exiles and is taught by traditional Jewish/Israelites of all persuasions. Ephraim/Israel teaches the personal redemption needed to enter the national redemption. These two aspects of redemption are merely two sides of the same coin. Both are central themes in scripture shouted forth in the earth by Yahweh’s two witnesses.

Ephraim/Israel declares personal salvation in Messiah Yahshua, declaring the recorded witness of heaven or spiritual salvation. Jewish/Israel proclaims national redemption and physical salvation, a fulfillment of Yahweh’s recorded witness of the earth, as His second witness in all His righteous dealings with His eternal people Israel. Make no mistake about this! Israel’s two-house restoration is at the core of biblical teaching FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION and is not a minor or secondary issue, as some have taught.

HaAdon Yahshua after His resurrection (Acts 1:6-7) makes it crystal clear that the kingdom will be restored to Israel at a yet FUTURE time which proves that the 12 tribes had not been reunited at the time of Ezra as some erroneously claim). He also lets His talmidim/disciples know, that they have not been selected by Father Yahweh to know the times and the seasons at which this will fully come to pass. However that does not mean that Father Yahweh will not release part of that information to some future chosen generation. Most forerunners, who proclaim Israel’s two-house restoration in this generation, do not teach regarding the actual timing of the event. It is perhaps too risky a thing to teach. Yet from scripture we can discover just when we can expect to see Israel’s two houses FULLY united, WITHOUT SETTING EXACT DATES! When the fullness of time comes for that restoration, we must be an alert, identified, renewed, regenerated, remnant of His eternal nation. This crucial pre-Tribulation time period we are now in, (The Days Of Messiah) is the key initial identification stage, where through ministries called by Yahweh Himself, hundreds of thousands are being identified as Israelites living amongst the nations.

So while King Yahshua did not tell His own generation the timing of this colossal event, nonetheless He told them how to accomplish the desired result in Acts 1:8. For 50 generations, (Yahshua till now) the name of the game was to restore Israel through the Great Commission. Today this Jubilee Generation can enter into an age of increased understanding by identifying lost Israelites, as well as by proclaiming the season of our national deliverance, as being at hand.

In Daniel 12:4, Daniel prophesied that the mysteries of prophetic revelation would be opened and readily understood by the believers living IN THE LAST DAYS or at the time of the end. Rev. 22:10 confirms the fact that the prophetic ingathering of national Israel is no longer under seal to us, as it was to earlier generations. The time of the end of the reign of various global Gentile Empires in human history will commence this accelerated time of prophetic knowledge. The end days will see a marked increase in eschatological understanding. So while the first century talmidim/disciples were given their marching orders without a time schedule for Israel’s full two-house restoration, the latter day talmidim/disciples would be because Yahweh has ordained to give them that knowledge. The fact that we have that knowledge of prophecy and are eyewitnesses of the global awakening of the identity our people to the two-house message is proof that we have been entrusted with this end time revelation. We thus inherit the labor of others as Yahshua taught in the gospel of Yochanan/John. We enter into the labor of others who bore the heat of the day by restoring Israel’s two houses through the divine orders found in the Great Commission. We on the other hand, are the beneficiaries of the UNSEALED knowledge of the latter days that enables us to perceive with great accuracy the time of this cosmic event, along with the unction to declare the same. This understanding was not for the 12 talmidim/disciples but it is for us. Those at the brink of His return will understand the timing of the full restoration of the 2 houses. While we may not know the hour or day of the week, we can know the epochs unlike our 1st century forefathers.WE ARE CLOSE

There has always been one people called Israel with one set of His instructions. Today that same nation is being spiritually awakened to their need for personal salvation and their need to recapture their physical Israelite heritage through national redemption. This two-house message is not new but like the Renewed Covenant itself, is being renewed as end time knowledge increases. One of the areas of revealed knowledge is the identity of the scattered sheep of 12-tribe-Israel, as well as the time of their full reunification. Today we can know the season that the 12 talmidim/disciples had no access to. Yahshua who hid that season, has now chosen and ordained to reveal that season. Hosea 14:6, reminds us that Israel will once again be a healthy blossoming and beautiful olive tree in the end times. These are those messianic times. Jeremiah 50:4-6 tells us in verse 6, that Israel’s flock will be regathered by Yahweh Himself, since the human shepherds led them astray from Mt. Zion to all the religious hills that were manmade and untruthful. The sheep of Israel have been wandering from hill to hill instead of from glory to glory. In Jeremiah 50:4, we see the idiom "in those days at that time." This idiom is a scriptural reference to the atid lavoh or future age of Israel’s full and total national PHYSICAL redemption. Judah calls this time the atid lavoh and Ephraim calls this future age, the millennial kingdom. Thus we see that the two houses will come together at the dawn or onset of the millennial/atid lavoh. The weeping in that same verse is a sign of contrition and repentance. The people of Israel will fully come together at the dawn of the millennium with the tears of repentance due to an anti-nomian, anti-Semitic spirit, repenting of false church shepherds, who have led them away from the tents of Shem. Judah will also weep, as they look at the One from the tribe of Judah, who has been pierced for their iniquities and transgressions (Zechariah 12:10, Zechariah 13:5). The Hebrew is histaklooh alei et (ALEPH TAV) asher dakroo. They will look at the ALEPH TAV, (the first & the last) whom they have pierced.SIGNS OF RESTORATION

In our days we see Jewish/Israel in accelerated stages of weeping over the pierced Messiah in the house (Judah) of His own friends. Jews are getting saved and trusting in Yahshua in masses reminiscent and even surpassing the numbers of the first century! At this same time, we see Christians, weeping for their new understanding that they are not adopted into Israel as spiritual Israel only, but that they share the same patriarchs, and land as does Jewish/Israel. This revelation is usually accompanied by a full teshuvah to Torah, Shabbat and the moadim (feasts) with tears of joy. The very fact that at this particular time in history we find both houses weeping in long overdue repentance and both houses dealing with their "own issues", without playing the blame game as in days gone by, signals to us that these days "are those days" and this time is "that prophesied end time." The fact that this weeping is simultaneous is unprecedented in the sad history of the strife between both houses, which for the past 2,000 years has been waged under the names of Judaism vs. Christianity instead of Judah vs. Ephraim. The intensity and simultaneous nature of this teshuvah are unprecedented in human or ecclesiastical history. This teshuvah is most necessary. For scripture tells us that without holiness no man (Hebrews 12:14) and thus those of Israel’s two houses, will not see Yahweh-Yahshua in His soon (pre-millennial) return. This newfound holiness and purity that seeks after righteousness regardless of previous religious training, is a sign that these are "those days." According to Jeremiah 50:5, this repentance will be followed by a return to Zion. That includes a return to Torah, the land, Hebrew and Messiah who claimed to be the only road (John 14:6) to a full and total return to Zion. Those follow the only road (Messiah Yahshua) will do so joining themselves to the everlasting/perpetually renewing or Renewed Covenant. We see the cutting of the perpetually renewing New Covenant, as the vehicle that brings Israel’s returness back home to the things of Zion in a day of massive teshuvah.Ephraim/Israel used to think that the way back to Zion was by conventions, grace parties, forced baptisms and fancy crosses featuring hanging nailed Torahs. Judah used to think that the way back to Zion was through mitzvoth (good works, mitzvoth and more mitzvoth, or Torah, Torah, Torah!). Now both houses are in the full swing of the early stages of identification unto repentance. Yahshua the only road or way back to Zion is the declared head over both repenting houses (Hosea 1:11). That Hosea 1:11 declaration is accomplished only through repentance in both houses.FROM THE HILLS OF APOSTASY TO MT. ZION

Also notice that the teshuvah is simultaneous. Judah does not come to Messiah without the House of Israel coming to Torah. We don’t have to look far "in these days", to see that phenomena. One cannot speak of a Jewish revival without a concurrent Israelite (10 tribes) revival. The prophecies all speak of a simultaneous awakening (Isaiah 11:12-13). Christians today are coming to their pastors in droves in all denominations and telling their Pastors "Bubba! I’m outta here! All I get here is stale manna leftovers from the first day of the week." They are demanding a renewed feeding upon their 4,000-year old heritage and getting nothing but leftover shank bones from the Lamb’s Passover table often shrunk into a morsel called the "Lord’s Supper." There is an ongoing exodus from the "historic" churches, as many return to Zion’s Road. According to Jeremiah 50:6, the days of two house restoration will also be characterized by false shepherds or pastors, leading both houses astray into a whole bunch of spiritual hills, never taking the sheep of Israel up to the mountain of Yahweh to receive Torah and Messiah, as prophesied in Isaiah 2:2-5 and Micah 4:1-7. Only on Yahweh’s mountain, does two-house strife cease and is there the resting place of a covenant people restored. Yahweh sent Yahshua to bring both houses from wandering upon all the hilltops of vain religion unto the mountain of Mount Zion that He has promised. He has pledged to establish Mt. Zion in the last days in Israel, for His remnant-redeemed nation (Micah 4:7-8). Then when both houses are heading toward MT. ZION, they will beat (or melt) their swords into plowshares, as the fighting in Israel between Israelites of both estranged houses of Israel stops. Israel will then enjoy the eternal cease-fire prepared for her by Father Yahweh!

In the last days the end time generation of returning Israelites will not forget their true resting place because the True Shepherd the Good Shepherd of Israel has at long last come. The resting place of Jeremiah 50:6 includes, Messiah, Torah and the land of Israel fully settled. This return will take place in the days of massive ecclesiastical apostasy according to 2nd Thess.2: 3. The more intense the ecclesiastical apostasy, the more ripe is the ground for national Israel’s two house restoration, as she finds her resting place on Mt. Zion. Israel will begin to be reunited in an age characterized by teshuvah in both houses, with millions fleeing unprecedented ecclesiastical apostasy, as well as the time of the "strong delusion" promised to be sent forth by Yahweh Himself (2nd Thess. 2:11, 1st Timothy 4:1). This lie or "strong delusion" is a "package deal" for those who think and teach that the so-called church has replaced the historic 12 tribes of Israel and who view the so-called church as a separate entity from national historical Israel. These who are buying into this package have been taught that the anti-Messiah will only deceive Jews and that Israel will never return to her former Davidic glory. As this strong delusion and apostasy intensifies, so does the awakening of the chosen remnant of exiles from both houses of Israel. That’s the miracle of Yahweh! The cause of both the Great Delusion and the Great Ingathering is Yahweh Himself, who uses one to take place in the midst of the events of the other. Growing unchecked apostasy in the clergy and the true messianic faith, (2nd Tim.3: 5) signals that the full revival of the nation of historic Israel is at hand! This apostasy causes vexed Israelites to flee from these systems of spiritual harlotry by seeking Yahshua in His true historical position, who in turn identifies them as Ephraim and Judah.

LEAVING BABYLON TOGETHERJeremiah 50:8 teaches that both houses in the early days of their final reunification, will flee together from or out of the land of the Chaldeans, i.e. Babylon. In the days of clerical apostasy, both houses will be living together in a literal land known as latter-day Babylon. It is from that land that they will both come out together. Notice both houses come out of a specific land. While we know Babylon in the latter times will be a system of syncretised religious ecumenicalism, it is far more than that. There is a literal latter-day land of Babylon, with 20 irrefutable signs that the United States of America is the latter-day land of Babylon (see Charts and Graphs at www.yourarmstoisrael.org). Scripture has established the United States of America as the latter-day end time land from which both houses will exodus together in massive numbers. The identification of the USA as the land of Babylon in Jeremiah 50 is done according to the following biblical criteria:

At the very height of the Davidic monarchy, with Israel literally ruling and reigning over the known world of that day, (1,000 BCE) Yahweh sent a startling prophetic word to David via the prophet Nathan. This prophetic word, recorded in Second Samuel 7:10 and First Chronicles 17:9, unveils one of the most fascinating truths of Scripture as it pertains to the nation of Israel’s main dwelling place in these last days. The prophecy was given to David, king of all Israel in 1,000 BCE, when all Israel was united and at peace from within and from without. Second Samuel 7:1 confirms that David the King had rest and peace with all his enemies round about, with the favor and grace of Yahweh as his covering. The Davidic monarchy had total authority throughout the known world, economically, politically, socially, militarily and in every other way. In the midst of this tranquility and Davidic glory, Nathan arrived at the king’s palace with one of the most overlooked and neglected prophetic pronouncements from Yahweh to His people Israel, regarding their future as a nation.

We must bear in mind that the two Houses of Israel did not yet exist, since the split in the Davidic monarchy did not take place until 921 BCE or about 80 years later. Yet Yahweh in His omniscience, declared a glorious truth to King David. In verse 10 of Second Samuel chapter 7, Nathan declared these words of Yahweh:ERETZ ACHERET"I will appoint a place for my people Israel and shall plant them and they shall dwell in a place of their own and no longer be afraid, neither shall the children of wickedness oppress them again as at the first." First Chronicles 17:9 restates the same prophesy, with one additional piece of information regarding Israel’s future home with the phrase, "and will move no more." Bear in mind that this word was given in the land of Israel, which was and still is the Holy Land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendents (Israel) forever. The nation was not yet divided into two separate houses. All 12 tribes lived comfortably in the Holy Land of Israel with peace from all their enemies, fully planted and resting in the first place prepared for the nation of Israel. Jerusalem was the capital over a united people with the Throne of David comfortably positioned in Jerusalem, with David reigning to the ends of the earth. If ever a people or nation were planted and living their lives in the original appointed place that the Heavenly Father had given to His people, it was Israel in 1,000 BCE. In what seems to be a case of bad timing, when Israel did not need to have her security and her safety needs addressed at all, Yahweh rattled the nation with this amazing proclamation.

Yahweh spoke to David and the entire nation in the future tense. He "will appoint", (Hebrew: vesamti) "will plant", (Hebrew: oontativ) and "they shall dwell in a place of their own." Consider this apparent contradiction. Scripture teaches that Israel in the Holy Land of Canaan promised to our patriarchs, is our ETERNAL appointed and prepared place, where we are to find dwelling and peace from all the sons of wickedness (traditional enemies such as Ishmaelites and Edomites). While the nation was strong and fortified and at rest from all her enemies, Yahweh declared that there would yet be a FUTURE place of planting and appointment, where the traditional enemies of Israel, (children of wickedness) will no longer oppress and harass the nation. He called this future land a place of their own, despite the fact that when this prophesy was given they were already in a land of their own.

It is therefore most apparent that Yahweh prepared for the nation of Israel, (which was promised to be more numerous then the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea) a future land in another place. Knowing that David’s monarchy would be divided into the two houses of Israel, with the House of Israel becoming the latter-day "fullness of the gentiles", or the infilling of the globe with Israelite seed, the Father sought and prepared a land that would be able to accommodate hundreds of millions of His people, unlike original Israel. Even taking into account greater Israel as promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the Dead Sea in the south, to the Euphrates in the north, to the Mediterranean in the west, all the way to the Tigris River in the east, there is still absolutely no way that the Holy Land could hold all the sons and daughters of Israel, promised to the patriarchs.

Knowing this end time population explosion by the Israelites, Yahweh promised through Nathan to give Israel another land able to house most of the nation. In context, David’s people are all Israel, united and dwelling together, since at the time of Nathan’s pronouncement the nation had not yet experienced division and relocation into two houses dispersed abroad. When the people of Israel, therefore, are planted and appointed a new land of their own, which will be highlighted by the absence of the Edomites, (the traditional children of wickedness) both houses must be dwelling together as one nation in that "new land."

Perhaps the most important clue to where this latter-day land of planting can be found is in verse 9 of First Chronicles 17, where Yahweh told David that when both houses are planted in this future appointed place, they will "MOVE NO MORE!" Some translations read and they will be "disturbed no more!" (Even with the latter understanding, Israel would live in a place of their own undisturbed or moved by external enemies). Remember that in 1,000 BCE, Israel had inhabited the promised land of Canaan for 500 years, without ever having moved away from it. The first Israelite holocaust (carried out by Tiglat Pileser the Third in 745 BCE and concluded by Sargon the Second’s conquest of Samaria in 721 BCE) resulted in massive deportations of the ten tribes away from Israel. This event occurred less than 300 years after King David was given this prophecy!DWELLING IN THE NEW LAND

This massive resettlement was a major move out of the land of Israel. The Holy Land could not be the land of the future planting of Israel, since they (David’s people) moved from it. The Scriptures under consideration clearly proclaim that when Yahweh completes this future planting of all Israel in a new and future homeland, they will not have to move or be disturbed again! That is until their final end time exodus and call to reunification found in Jeremiah 50. The USA would be a safe haven until the day of reunification and complete return to the first eternal land of Israel and Mt. Zion. America has over half the Jewish population of the world. Ephraim has filled America primarily through the tribe of Manasseh. From much historical data we can see today that the USA is the only place on earth where Jews and Ephraimites, Jews and most Christians have little or no persecution from the state, while the culture of the land itself is morally bankrupt.

This end time calling of both houses out of a literal new land called Babylon in scripture, cannot be referring to Jewish/Israel’s 70 year sojourn in Babylon in 586 BCE because Ephraim/Israel or the 10 tribes had not been exiled there as a nation together with Judah. Rather their exile was north and to Assyria. Thus Jeremiah 50: 8 calls both houses out of the end time land of Babylon. Therefore end time Babylon is a main center of safe dwelling for both houses prior to their return to Messiah, Torah and the land of Israel. It is a land where both houses have relatively no persecution from her traditional enemies known as the sons of Edom. The USA will house both houses safely until the time of the end, with Israel’s traditional enemies not allowed to torture her. Only the USA meets all these end time characteristics. Jews and Ephraimites live next door to each other block after block, city after city, village after village and we all get along. Jewish/Israel eventually has had to run for safety in every land other than the safe haven of the USA, as have many Protestants from those running from the historic Roman persecutors. The Jewish Mishna (Torah commentaries) referring to Deuteronomy 29:28 is of the majority opinion that the lost ten tribes of Israel will be preserved in "another place", eretz acheret or also understood as a "New World." Eretz acheret by implication means another land in a new world revealed at a latter time (Joseph, Davidy p. 82).

These Christians in the USA mostly the descendants of Manasseh, are those who escaped the persecutions of oppressive pseudo-Christian European sects and are part of the House of Ephraim. In many cases in the USA they are those who have moved in next door to the Jewish family that also ran from THE SAME EUROPEAN OPPRESSORS! Both victims landed on their feet in the USA and have never had to move or run for their lives since settling here. Only the USA has given safe haven to both houses of Israel who hold to a steadfast and unshakeable confession of monotheistic worship unto the Elohim of Yisrael. Unfortunately after settling here both Jews and Christians did what they have done so many times before and departed from Messiah and His Torah and thus what was the other appointed place of religious tolerance and freedom has become a cesspool of immorality and filth. The very fact that we have gone this sad yet familiar way after entering the second promised land, is in it self an identifying mark of the people of scattered Israel, since within 50 years of settling Canaan most had apostatized into the heathen ways of that age. Sadly our behavior betrays our identity!END TIME EXODUS

Hosea 11:10 prophecies that the sons of Ephraim, (Hosea 11:9) shall come trembling from the WEST! Once in the extreme west or the other appointed land, they will never move again from the west UNTIL the day of the final exodus home. In Hebrew America is called Artzot Ha Brit, the "Lands [states] of the Covenant", in fulfillment of the Nathan prophecies to David. Hosea 12:1 reminds us that Ephraim, (10 tribes) pursues an east wind which has blown them to points west of Israel, where they are safely kept along with Jewish-Israel in the second promised land until that land is turned into latter-day Babylon, at which time they will come out together. Another reason that Yahweh appointed this other place other than safety considerations, is that western Europe and the massive U.S. and North American landscape can hold most of Israel’s children that according to Deut. 1:10-11 would be 3-4 billion people. Obviously the tiny land of Israel even with bordering nations such as Lebanon and Syria included, could not hold those who were prophesied to become the "fullness of the gentiles" or the "melo hagoyim." North America and Western Europe has much room to hold the myriads of Israel’s descendents. These lands and specifically the USA are full of Israelites and we need to remember again that all Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. Many other Israelites are scattered in the isles of the sea (Scotland, Ireland) and in places such as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia (Sinim). Jeremiah 30:10 also specifically refers to the USA when Messiah saves Israel from the LAND of their captivity, as He returns them all to Israel!

Later In Jeremiah 50:20, we see the same end time idiom "in that day at that time", for the dawn of the atid lavoh/millennium. At the dawn of the millennium there will be no sin and Torah transgression in either house of Israel, as both houses have their sins purged away. Yahweh states that when search is done no sin will be found, since both houses will have a pardoned remnant or a pardoned group reserved for Yahweh’s own possession. In that day the prophecy of Balaam found in Numbers 23:21, will have fully come to pass. These are those days!

Jews by the thousands believing in the purging blood of Messiah, was unheard of some 80 years ago and Ephraim repenting from ham roasts and Sunday worship even in THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION AND THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, was unthinkable just 40 years ago. The very fact that this kind of cleansing in the redeemed reserved remnant is taking place is an exciting reminder that we are at the brink of the dawn of the atid lavoh. We will soon be seeing Yahshua our King, as we return with Him from the USA and the ends of the earth to Israel. Until Yahshua returns both houses are planted in the USA, North America and the islands of the sea, experiencing a supernatural renewal, awakening and cleansing, while the surrounding society culturally crumbles all around us. This simultaneous awakening in both houses in the artzot habrit or the eretz acheret/new world, will take place "at that time in those days." Can we further pinpoint the time of that full national awakening and purging of idolatry? Yes we can!EARLY IN "THEIR" AFFLICTION

Hosea 5:14 provides our answer. Yahweh’s wrath for 2,700 years was prophesied to be a lion to Ephraim and like a young lion to Judah, meaning they will both be torn away from the land of Israel and from the closeness of an intimate walk with Yahweh. In that 2,700-year period or in what is commonly called "this age", NONE SHALL RESCUE both houses due to their punishment and banishment from the land. Hosea 5:15 states that He Yahshua-Yahweh, will "return to His place until they acknowledge their offence and seek my face." This messianic prophecy talks about Jewish/Israel’s leadership and their rejection of Messiah Yahshua. Notice it was not the Jewish people who rejected Messiah, since they are the ones who wrote the Brit Chadashah and took the Good News of salvation to the ends of the earth. It is only the leadership that rejected Him, since the multitudes of Jewish/Israel heard Him gladly. Yahshua came from heaven as promised, returned to His place after being rejected by Jewish Israel’s leadership and promised to remain in His place or His home. He would remain there (heaven) after His return (ascension) until a set point in time. He remains in heaven until full and total confession is made (Acts 3:21). When will both houses, previously torn as by a Lion, seek Yahweh and acknowledge their respective offences? According to Hosea 5:15, that time will be "IN THEIR DISTRESS" or "in their affliction" or "in their Tribulation." Notice that the Tribulation being spoken of and prophesied by Yahshua Himself is identified with both houses of national Israel. THE PHRASE "THEIR TRIBULATION" is a key to understanding the timing of the full and total end-time two house restoration! JACOB’S TROUBLE (JEREMIAH 30:7-11)

The so-called church teaches that the above verses mean that after the so-called church is raptured, that the Jews will go through the Great Tribulation. That is not what these verses teach, is not what Yahweh teaches and is manmade anti-Semitism accompanied by eschatological replacement theological dogma. If all believers are Israel as citizens in the Commonwealth of Israel, then all have and share the same destiny. Both houses are destined to enter the Great Tribulation, since both houses must acknowledge their respective offences in the Great Tribulation, since both houses were torn apart by the permissive will of Father Yahweh. Jeremiah 30:7 is called the time of Jacob or Israel’s Trouble. Jeremiah 30:7 does not call the Great Tribulation the "Jews trouble" or the "Jewish trouble" or anything of that kind. It is the time of tribulation upon all Israel, in all nations where they are found, which today consists of two houses. Since Yahweh is not a respecter of persons and does not love one child over and above the other, what befalls one half of Israel will befall the other. Based on justice alone, Yahweh would not have one house go up in a secret rapture, while the other less fortunate House of Judah gets zapped again. What befalls one house befalls both. Both were exiled and both shall return in like mannered sinless perfection, after the cleansing of the Great Tribulation. In Jeremiah 30:7 we see that though all of Jacob enters the "Great Affliction" they shall be saved out of it, meaning spared, guarded and preserved in it. During the Great Tribulation, Yahweh will rescue both houses out of the "other land" (Jeremiah 30:10) or the "eretz acherit"/new world", as latter-day Babylon, (where most Israelites live today) is humbled by the Great Tribulation. Hosea 5:15B states that all Israel will seek Yahweh "EARLY." This means the acknowledgement of Messiah and His righteous Torah will come during the EARLY part of the Great Tribulation.ULTIMATE HEALING

The ultimate healing of our nation takes place early in the Great Tribulation, while most of Israel is living in the USA or modern day Babylon. Hosea 6:2 states that Yahweh will revive us after 2 days or 2 thousand years of exile and on the third day, or the dawn of the third thousandth year after Yahshua retuned to His heavenly place, He will raise up Israel’s two houses (Hosea 5:14) to live again as one nation and one flock in Israel, thus bringing about the massive exodus from the end time land of Babylon and all the other nations where we have been scattered. Hosea 6:1 speaks of a time during the Great Affliction or Great Tribulation, when Yahweh will heal and bind up in unity in like passion as He once scattered us. This full and complete national healing will take place early on in the early stages of Jacob’s Trouble. During Jacob’s Trouble, Jacob will cry out for healing, restoration and national brotherhood. According to Psalm 90:4 and 2nd Peter 3:8, a day is as a thousand years with Yahweh and so Israel will receive her full national healing with the return of HaAdon Messiah Yahshua from heaven before the millennium and after 2,000 years of being torn by the Lion of Judah. After two days or two thousand years, revival will COMMENCE IN BOTH HOUSES but it will not be until the third day or start of the 1,000 year reign of Yahshua, when national healing is complete and eternal life begins with Him and with our Israelite brethren on the earth. National healing, the restoration of David’s Tabernacle and normal tribal life, (Ezekiel 48) will take complete hold on the third day or the start of the 3rd 1,000-year period after Messiah returned to heaven.

The third day is resurrection time. Just as Yahshua rose after three days, so will His people live after 2 days to be nationally quickened on the third day. Both houses will fully repent early in the Great Tribulation later to be healed and reunited fully during the millennial period (Ezekiel 37). The revival after two days has begun. But life together more fully is right around the corner, as we find this generation at the brink of the atid lavoh.TWO PARTS TO THE 7TH DAY MILLENNIUM

If we read Genesis carefully, we find that the biblical day begins sundown and ends at sundown. From sundown to sundown. According to the traditional rabbis, human history is now six thousand years old. From the 4 to the 6th thousandth year since Adam, is called the "Days of the Messiah" or the preparation days for the atid lavoh. Shimon Keefa confirmed in Acts 2:1 that Shavuot in 33 CE had commenced the period known in traditional Judaism as the Days of Messiah. The last 2,000 years have been the last days or the days of Messiah. The age to come called the atid lavoh is the fulfillment of the seventh day Shabbat. The first six days are a foreshadowing of the 6,000 years of human history, with the Shabbat being the foreshadowing of the atid lavoh, the 1,000 years of Shabbat tranquility, when Yahshua rules from Jerusalem. Since the biblical day consists of a night portion followed by a day portion or evening followed by morning, and since the 7 days of evening followed by day are all shadows of the 7,000 years of human history, the 7th day or 7th 1,000 year from Adam or the millennial, must also be composed of a night part followed by a day part.

The night part of the 7th 1,000-year period is called the Great Tribulation, followed by the day part or the remainder of the 1,000 years. Thus the first part of the dark 7 years, would be a time of birth pains, followed by the Great Tribulation, then followed by 993 years of brightness and light, as Yahshua cuts short those days for the sake of believing flesh. Therefore the last 1,000 years consists of both a night portion, (7 years) followed by a day portion, (993 years) thereby explaining why many scriptures refer to the Day (7th millennial day) of Yahweh as both a dark and a bright period, or as both a great and yet dreadful day! (Malachi 4:5). Most believers have been taught that the millennial begins only after the Great Tribulation ends. THAT IS NOTHING BUT INSERTED DISPENSATIONALISM THAT TEACHES THE START OF A NEW DISPENSATION, ONLY AT THE CLOSE OF A PERCEIVED PRIOR ONE. Yet that would not follow the biblical pattern of a day, consisting of both dark and light portions. Jacob’s Trouble then, would-be in the evening part of the 7th millennial day, followed by Yahshua’s earthly reign in the light part of the 7th millennial day.

Ezekiel 34:11-12 teaches that Yahweh Himself will one day search out His scattered Israelite flock. He will deliver them from all the lands of our exile including the main place the "other appointed land" of America. At the end of Ezekiel 34:12 Yahweh reiterates that this deliverance and ending of the galut/diaspora for both houses of Israel will ultimately take place in a "cloudy and dark day", during the dark times of the millennial 7th day, known as Jacob’s Trouble. The early part of Hosea 5:15 is also the night time of the atid lavoh/millennium. Yahweh will turn mourning into joy by using the dark and cloudy portion of the 7th day millennium, to bring His people home with full faith in His Son. Then will be brought to pass the saying that Israel’s "weeping endures for a night but joy cometh in the morning": Psalm 30:5). That life together as a nation with our national health restored, will FULLY come in the morning-light portion of the 7th day millennial, after Jacob is revived and then made to live in national and spiritual health ON THE THIRD DAY, (start of the 3rd set of 1,000 years) after His first coming! Yahshua is called the Bright and Morning Star, (Rev. 22:16) for it is He that brings Israel’s long national nightmare of exile and banishment to an abrupt close.MANY SAVIORS ON MT. ZION

Joel 2:1-2 reiterates that Yahshua’s return and Israel’s full healing in two house reunification when the shofar is blown at Messiah’s return, which will take place in "a day of darkness and of gloom, a day of clouds and of thick darkness……" What Yahshua has begun in these times is the start of two house restoration, (the awakening stage) which will see the ultimate healing, (life) in the day part of the millennium, after being delivered from the night part (Jacob’s Trouble) of that same millennial day. They will be fully delivered, so as to clear the way for their full return to the mountains of Israel and specifically Mt. Zion, as they arrive as Tribulation heroes and Israel’s saviors over Edom. It is written of those days soon to come in Obadiah verse 21: "And saviors [Great Tribulation survivors] shall come up on Mt. Zion to judge the Mt. Of Esau and the kingdom shall be Yahweh’s."


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