The Dollar Bill

Some claim that the Great Seal of the United States, which we have

already discussed, has a timeline encoded in it. The timeline is supposedly

encoded in the pyramid. The pyramid represents the building of the new

world order brought about through the agent of the United States.

The numbers used in the encoding are: 1776, 12 and 19.47. 1776, as

we all know, is when the United States was started, which appears in

Roman numerals at the base of the pyramid. 12 is the number of levels in

the pyramid not including the capstone and 19.47 is the latitude north and

south of pyramids found all around the world and on Mars. It is also; the

latitude of large amounts of volcanic activity on celestial bodies, the

latitude of the swirling spots on Jupiter and Neptune, the year of the

Roswell incident, the year that Aleister Crowley died, and the degrees of

the points of the star of David when placed in a circle and aligned with

North and South.163 Also 19 + 47 = 66 = 2 X 33, the importance of 2 and

33 will be shown below.

So if we take 19.47 (the esoteric number) as years and multiply it by

12 (layers in the pyramid) we get 233.64 years, which equals 233 years,

and 233 days. Starting with July 4, 1776 and adding 233 years to it we

arrive at July 4, 2009, adding another 233 days we come to February 22,

2010. What are these dates telling us? Will 7/4/2009 be the start of the

designed collapse of the United States, which must occur in order for the

New World Order to be completed? Will the designed collapse then end

on 2/22/2010 or will it start then?

Here is another way to calculate the dates; starting with 1/1/1776 and

adding 233 years and 233 days we come to 8/22/2009. Also if we take

19.47 years and multiply it by 12.12 we get 235.9764, which equals 235

years and 356 days. Starting with 12/31/1776 and adding 235 years and

356 days we come to the infamous 12/21/2012. What are these dates

telling us? Will 8/22/2009 be the start of the collapse and 12/21/2012 the

end? Remember the 2012 theories already discussed all allude to the end

of the Old World Order on that date.

The dates 7/4/2009, 8/22/2009, 2/22/2010, and 12/21/2012 bear

watching and if there is anything to this theory then this is another

indication that the 70th week may begin in 2009.

In summary all these things are pointing to a possible start date for

the 70

th week in 2009 and destructive events in 2012 with the antichrist

arising shortly thereafter; The time period for the ministry of the 2

witnesses, the date of WWIII, the 1110, Israel’s day to flee, the Mayan

calendar, planet x, the 2014/15 lunar and solar eclipses, the supposed

igniting of Saturn, the supposed new star and Maitreya, new age teaching,

ufo messages, the Obama speech, chip technology, the antichrist plan and

the dollar bill. So what we have is a myriad of information that points to a

start date for the 70th week in 2009 and the antichrist arising shortly after

the destruction in 2012. Am I saying that the 70

th week will start in 2009?

No. But what I am saying is that there is a lot of intersecting data that

points to 2009 as the possible start date for the 70

th week. If the 70th week

does not start in 2009 then, with all that is looking like will happen in the

near future, we must be very close. Keep your eyes focused on the Middle


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