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There are 12 major constellations. Their modern names are in parenthesis.
Each major constellation has three other minor constellations associated with
it which modify or complete its meaning. They are called decans.


The Woman Bearing the Branch  (Virgo) Isaiah 7:14

  1. *Coma, the desired, the infant held by the woman, the seed.
  2. *Centaur, the King Messiah offering himself as a sacrifice (John 10:18)
  3. *Bootes, the Coming of the Branch as guardian of the flock.


The Scales of Redeeming (Libra) 1 Cor. 6:20

  1. *The Cross, finishing work of redemption (John 19:30)
  2. *The Victim, of his sacrifice

  3. *The Crown, of his glory


The Conflict of the Messiah (Scorpio) 1 Cor. 15:55-56

  1. The Serpent, the enemy with which he contends

  2. Ophiuchus, the Desired holding the serpent, his foot on the head of the Scorpion

  3. *Hercules, He who bruises, his foot over the head of the Dragon


The Sending Forth of the Gospel (Sagittarius) Rev. 6:2

  1. * Lyra, the eagle holding the harp, the triumph (Mark 13:26)

  2. *Ara, the altar of the completed sacrifice (Psalm 43:4)

  3. Draco, the enemy who is to be trodden under foot


The Slaying of the Victim (Capricornus) Romans 3:25

  1. Sagitta, the arrow of slaying (Psalm 38:2, Isaiah 49:2)

  2. Aquila, the falling eagle; his dying

  3. *Delphinus, the pouring out of his soul unto death.


The Pouring forth of Spiritual Blessings (Aquarius) John 7:38

  1. The Southern Fish; the Church drinking in the water of life (John 4:14)

  2. *Pegasus, the winged horse, going to return again (Rev. 19:11)

  3. *Cygnus, the swan, the bird of passage who goes and comes again


The Multitudes of the redeemed (Pisces) Gen. 48:19; Mark 1:17

  1.  *The Band, uniting the Church before and after the first coming of the Lord

  2. *Cepheus, the branch, crowned King (Rev. 14:14)

  3. *Andromeda, the Church released by the Deliverer, who breaks the bonds of death


The Lamb, as it had been slain (Aries) Rev. 5:6

  1. *Cassiopeia, the Church set free, raised, enthroned (1 Sam 2:8; Isaiah 60; 62)

  2. Cetus, the serpent bound (Isaiah 27:1)

  3. Perseus, the Deliverer, Breaking the bonds of the afflicted Church. (Micah 2:13)


The Bull, once a sacrifice, now ruling (Taurus)  Rev. 19; John 5:22

  1. Orion, the Coming One mighty to save, Coming Forth as Light (Isaiah 60:1; 63:1)

  2. Eridanus, the river; converted nations under the type of water (Ezekial 47)

  3. Auriga, the Good Shepherd and his redeemed flock (John 10:11, 14)


The Messiah uniting the divine and human nature (Gemini) Romans 1:3

  1. Lepus, the enemy under his feet , Psalm 8:6; 1 Cor. 15:27

  2. Sirius, He that cometh as the Prince (Isaiah 9:6)

  3. Procyon, He that cometh, as the Redeemer (Isaiah 59:20)


The Possession, the reward of his sufferings (Cancer) 

  1. *Ursa Minor, the lesser sheepfold, the Church before the first coming of Christ (Jer. 23)

  2. *Ursa Major, the greater sheepfold, the Church after the first coming of Christ (Ezekial 36:8-37)

  3. *Argo, the company of travelers to the heavenly Canaan (John 10:16).


The Lion of Judah punishing the enemy (Leo) Rev. 5:5

  1. *Hydra, the serpent, the enemy (Gen. 3:15; Rev. 12:9)

  2. *Crater, the cup of the wrath of God resting upon the enemy (Psalm 75:8)

  3. *Corvus, the bird of prey feeding on the enemy (Rev. 19:17)

*Still under construction. 



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